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MCUSA Job Opportunity

The Mennonite Church USA communications team is looking to hire a feature writer and social media content manager on a contract basis (30-40 hours per week) between now and August 2015. If you or someone you know might be interested in this role, contact Hannah Heinzekehr for more details (HannahH@MennoniteUSA.org). It would be a super fun and flexible job interviewing and telling stories about awesome things people are doing all across the church.

MennoNerds Is Recruiting

MennoNerds is on the lookout for new Anabaptist-minded bloggers.  We have over 50 blog streams being syndicated on our website right now and we have several affiliates also associated with us.  There are quite a few other folks out there who are writing blogs and thinking good MennoNerdy thinky-thoughts.  We’re especially looking for bloggers who are not your typical white male Anabaptist folks. Click on the link above or click on http://mennonerds.com/becoming-an-author/ and fill out an application.We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Canada’s Race Problem

Making the rounds has been a very interesting article form McLean’s including the chart below. The central claim is that our race problem with our Aboriginal population is worse than the United States’ with their black population. “Worse” could be a challenging word from the title. Is our problem worse? From purely the perspective of economic differences, it is definitely worse, as the chart demonstrates very well. Our Aboriginal communities are in a very rough spot and most other Canadians don’t care at all. I think ours tends to be more one of ignorance and apathy rather than one of hatred and fear, but I don’t know if you can …

Black or White: A Review

Black or White is far more than the comedy its’ made out to be. Don’t be deceived! Funny it is, sometimes laugh out loud with engaging light-heartedness throughout. But this is no frat house laugher. Mike Binder’s new film about a custody battle between grandparents is equal parts racial tension and cultural competence, a family’s […]

3 Additional Ways the Modern Church Looks Nothing Like the Early Church

This awesome article has been frequently shared by people in my networks the last couple of days; Preston Sprinkle writes about 4 ways the modern church doesn’t look like the early church (and, as several have pointed out, this goes especially for the modern mainstream Western church). These four areas are: 1. How we view other Christians. … Continue reading

The Last Shall Be First

There is much that we hope for, we who have cast our lot with Jesus of Nazareth. We hope for mercy, forgiveness, new life, eternal life. We hope for the promise of a new heart that—against  all odds!—beats in sync with our Maker, as promised in Ezekiel 36:26. We hope for the relief from pain, for […]

What do Baptists have that Anabaptists need?

Last week, I brought forward something in response to a question I often get asked: “What’s the difference between Baptists and Anabaptists?” While it was a popular post–caveats about subjectivity not withstanding–some pointed out that I was probably too general in my approach. The end result offered the best of Anabaptism vs. the worst of […]

Why I Love Tech

Recently I was talking about stuff on WikiGodPod, a podcast out of the Greater Toronto Area (I live close to GTA in Kitchener) centred around our stories and how that shapes how we understand God. I’m not somebody who speaks well without preparation, so the potential questions were sent in advance and I spent a few hours the night before and morning of planning. I figure since I already spent those hours writing notes, I may as well clean them up a bit and publish them here. So without further ado, the first question: You’re a tech guy? What do you love about it? I think like is probably true for …

Sound Theology

Over the last few weeks, I have been mulling over an interesting passage from Marilynne Robinson’s fine novel, Lila. Reverend John Ames, an elderly Midwestern Methodist preacher is in conversation with his much younger new wife Lila, who has come to find rest, shelter, and love after a brutally hard life full of abuse and neglect.  The conversation […]

MennoNerds on Race Vid-cast

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