The Naked Anabaptist

[The following is an edited version of my response to Stuart Murray's presentation in Abbotsford in the spring of 2012] I am not surprised that The Naked Anabaptist has become popular in North America. One of the reasons the book has caught on and you are here is that I think you have told us […]

Our Insatiable Hunger

The only kind of life animals care about is biological. If their basic physical needs for food and shelter are met, they’re satisfied. Humans also want their basic physical needs met, of course, but that isn’t enough. We hunger for … read more

Scientists, Journalists, and Doctors on Healing

I’m currently writing on a minor thesis in systematic theology on belief in miracles. I will compare Pentecostal pastor Surprise Sithole in South Africa, former arch bishop of the Swedish Lutheran Church KG Hammar, and pope Francis. One of the books I’m reading as a background for my study is Craig Keener’s excellent Miracles: The […]

All Saints Day

Call to Worship (Isaiah 25:6-9) Hurricanes and floods and environmental havoc; drones and IEDs and handguns; cancer and heart disease and ebola; poverty and injustice and oppression. The ways of death in this world are many. The words of death surround us. The fear of death envelopes us. But we come now to hear a […]

Pastoral Ministry Approach

I’ve long wanted to write a theology of The Lego Movie. It’s an adventurous tale of “The Special” (Emmet) who must discover what makes him unique on his quest to save the universe. I don’t get time to watch many movies, and when I do it’s almost always a children’s movie (such is the life with two [...]

Trusting God for the Wrong Things

Chloe was a smart, personable, and devoted Christian student from South America whom I had the pleasure of teaching in several theology classes. In one meeting, Chloe confessed that, despite the confident appearance that she projected, she actually lived with … read more

MennoNerds on Race Vid-cast