Congratulations to MennoNerd Jeff Mclain!

We join the McLain’s in welcoming Anneli Samantha McLain.  Check out father and daughter in this picture. :)

MennoNerds Is Recruiting

MennoNerds is on the lookout for new Anabaptist-minded bloggers.  We have over 50 blog streams being syndicated on our website right now and we have several affiliates also associated with us.  There are quite a few other folks out there who are writing blogs and thinking good MennoNerdy thinky-thoughts.  We’re especially looking for bloggers who are not your typical white male Anabaptist folks. Click on the link above or click Becoming an Author and fill out an application.We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

MennoNerds Workshops and Seminars

Stella-KC2015-011For those of you attending the Mennonite Church USA convention in Kansas City, a number of MennoNerds, both bloggers and members of our Facebook presence, are leading seminars and workshops at the convention.  Click here to go to the page listing all of them including dates and times.


This World Is (Not) My Home

Judging from the content pouring through my various social media feeds (and from my wife’s enthusiastic exhortation to go get a free Starbucks coffee!), today is Earth Day. Another day devoted to building awareness, promoting responsibility, and broadening horizons. I wonder if we are soon going to run out of calendar space for all of the special “days” that join the fray each year, but I am of course happy to affirm Earth Day and all it represents.

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Creating A Common Memory (Doctrine of Discovery)

* Guest post by Mark Charles “Everybody get your cell phones out!” “Make sure you get this on video!” Early last March, due to an unusually heavy snowstorm in Albuquerque, NM, my flight was cancelled, my travel diverted, and I found myself unexpectedly stuck in downtown Los Angeles for 24 hours while I waited to [Read More…]

Searching for Sunday: Anointing the Sick

In the section of Searching for Sunday about anointing the sick, the focus is on church as a healing place. She makes an important distinction between curing and healing, using curing to mean simply dealing with an immediate problem and healing to mean a more relational process. I’m not sure the distinction in language will really catch on, but the point is a good one. The church is not primarily in the curing business. Often when we get into that mindset is when we do the most harm. If somebody comes to us in an abusive relationship, we can say we “cured” the problem by calling the police for them. But the victim probably …

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Adeeb and Doha: An Iraqi refugee story

IT’S JANUARY IN BEIRUT, LEBANON. The air is cold in the shade of the old apartment building
I walk into with Hoda Melki and two other women from Heart for Lebanon, a
Lebanese faith-based relief and development organization working with Iraqi and
Syrian refuges. Over 1.8 million Syrian and Iraqirefugees have fled to Lebanon due to the Syrian civil war and the unrest in
Iraq. H4L, which

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“There will come a time you’ll see…

“There will come a time you’ll see with no more tears and love will not break your heart but dismiss your fears, get over your hill and see what you’ll find there, with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair” ~Mumford & Sons “after the storm” Some times when I look around the streets of #Manila and see the garbage, the concrete and the metal that overwhelms it reminds me of the hundreds of voices I hear every month idealizing about living in the countryside. The wild nature is calling to them. I wonder: Who will be the leading Filipino to fuel the vision of greenspace and gardens for everyone in metro Manila? In the #Philippines gardens are for the rich and privileged, it’s been like that for most of global urban history. In cities, gardens are a luxury. In contrast I believe God created us to love and find wholeness in nature. The Creator designed us that living creation would be a part of our healing, a part of our spirituality and a part of our vision of a healed people. When I look at this pic and I see the garbage, the concrete and the dead grass I pray that the garden in Rev 22 would be a vision of hope I embody in my life, not a futile vision I hope for in some distant future.

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