Peace and Justice

There are a lot of things that are calling me to lament at the dawn of the advent season this year and I’m ashamed that I carry some of the responsibility for these sad events. There is violence on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri because of racial tension. The Canadian government is sending our young […]

Conflict succumbs to Love

One thing I’ve had to adapt to in leadership is people’s first emotional response in the wake of conflict or unexpected circumstances. Often, they’re hurtful, sometimes harmful, and almost always inappropriate. In the face of conflict, many within the church don’t present themselves well, or model what they claim to believe. Lashing and outburst come from [...]

Pope Francis’ View on Miracles

As you may know, I’m writing a thesis in systematic theology about belief in miracles according to three church leaders: Surprise Sithole, K.G. Hammar and pope Francis. This is what I’ve found concerning the pope’s view on miracles: Jose Mario Bergoglio, who would become Pope Francis, was born in in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1936. […]

Why Is There Such Anger about the Grand Jury’s Decision in Ferguson?

I have heard many of my (white) friends question the anger over a single decision.  "Why is there such anger over this decision in Ferguson? And why are there lootings and riots? Why can’t they just trust that there wasn’t enough evidence to indict?" Here’s my answer, as much as I can understand:

The issue has less to do with the particular police officer and whether he acted rightly.  Rather,

MennoNerds on Race Vid-cast