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Announcing “The Emmaus Road Moments”

So it’s happening on the 7th March 2016. What’s happening, you say? Those of you who have been listening to our podcast (Podcast On the Mount) will have noticed that Jonathan and I keep talking about certain themes – the exodus, the exile, the Messiah, the kingdom of God, salvation, the promises of God, Yahweh’s […]

Do We Need Transfiguration Sunday?

It happens every year. Transfiguration Sunday. Or, the Sunday before Lent in which Jesus time travels but we pretend he doesn’t, because it’s Christologically confusing, ecclesiologically misleading, and theologically extraneous. It’s the only moment in the four gospels when Jesus and Moses hang out together, and yet we insist on celebrating this mystical Ghost-of-Torah-Past every […]

Privileged Bookworm

I love to read. I mean, seriously, I LOVE to read. Take a look at my home page and you’ll see my link to GoodReads.com which shows all the books that I’ve managed to log that I’ve read and all … Continue reading

Vlog (Part 10) – Eschatology

The MennoNerds vlog transitions from waiting for Advent into discussions about eschatology, with a particular focus on the nature of Heaven and Hell. Participants: Robert Martin Micael Grenholm Deborah-Ruth Ferber Paul Walker Ebony Adedayo William Loewen Steve...


I dropped in on our local English training centre for newcomers to Canada today. It wasn’t a planned visit, but I was having a conversation at a downtown coffee shop about how the Syrian families we sponsored are doing, and I said something to the effect of, “well, they’re across the street right now in English classes. […]

I am a professor of peace

I am a professor and I profess the Gospel of Peace. In our peace and justice issues class we have been going through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in order to lay a theological foundation for exploring various peace and justice issues that confront us in our world today. Yesterday we talked about Jesus’ […]

Ontological Flaw in God’s Design? Or a Massive Human Screw-up?

Today, we find ourselves in a world where there doesn’t seem to be enough resources to provide for the needs of many. Good, healthy, and affordable food options are out of reach for many over the globe. Water resources, that are not contaminated with toxic chemicals, are drying up. Land is becoming uninhabitable. And the supply … Continue reading Ontological Flaw in God’s Design? Or a Massive Human Screw-up?

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