On Mourning

To offer simple solidarity Instead of certainty or certitude Bestows the best assurance And reaps what it does not sow. To give the silent gift In place of sacred verse Is better than a thousand texts More read, than reading, shows. Be still, be present, and present The greatest gift one can give. Hurt with […]

ISIS and Hitler

If you say you’re a pacifist, you’ll usually get two questions right away: “but what about Hitler?” and “you wouldn’t protect your family if somebody broke into your house to rape and kill them?” I’m going to ignore the second and focus on the first because there is a strong parallel to how people are responding to ISIS. ISIS is doing a lot of terrible things to a lot of people, much like Hitler did. Nobody is going to deny that other than ISIS supporters (a small portion of Muslims). Reiterating how terrible those things are is not an argument for why they need to be killed. We agree there …

McKnight’s 5 Questions of the King and Kingdom

Last week, I published a book review of Scot McKnight’s most recent work entitled Kingdom Conspiracy. Today, McKnight posted this on his Jesus Creed blog over at Patheos: My proposal in Kingdom Conspiracy is that kingdom in the Bible has five core ideas and kingdom can be defined this way: a kingdom is a people […]

(Un)righteous Anger

I got a phone call this morning, and it made me angry. It was a follow-up call from a local agency that helps people in trouble in our community. I had phoned them a while back, hoping for some context, some background on a particular couple who was asking our church for material assistance. But they […]

Enemy Love Lesson for the Tween

Tyson: Mom! Instead if you driving me to school, can I take the bus today? Me: Isn’t it early? Won’t you be waiting at the bus stop for a little bit? Tyson: yeah, but Ms. P’s always there to receive early kids, I guess wait by her. *rolls eyes, sighs* She really gets on my […]

Freedom+Rights-Wisdom=?: Porn, the NRA and a Broken Moral Compass

The issue of how my Christian faith impacted my view of guns never matured past NRA rhetoric and her spokespeople, until I lived on a block where drive-bys were common and my house was not exempt. Seeing kids shot, watching blood get cleaned from the streets, and finding a bullet casing on my kitchen floor (and a bullet hole in my refrigerator) got me thinking on the reality of guns and this American life. At one point and time in my life the NRA’s rhetoric, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” rang both truthful and logical. After experiencing gun violence, the rhetoric rang hollow. The NRA made sense from the cheap seats of the debate but when face to face with the reality of gun violence the NRA’s rhetoric is revealed as nothing more than a self-righteous refusal to deal with the tragedy facing our nation and its 10,000 children whose lives are ended or forever changed by the open market we created for the deadliest of guns.

Should Anabaptists Re-baptize Today?

Anabaptist literally means to re-baptize. This was a nickname given to a group of radical reformers in the 16th century. A denomination or two has sprung from this movement. Adult believers baptism was seen as the primary exterior sign of separation from the Christendom Empire of that time. Times are different now. Should churches that […]

On Contamination

We do a lot of driving in our family. Driving to volleyball, guitar, swim club, band rehearsal, grandma and grandpa’s, and on and on it goes. Many days it is in the car that some of the best, most important, and sometimes only conversations with our kids happen. Today my daughter and I were off to […]

MennoNerds on Race Vid-cast