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Joanna HaraderMennoNerd blogger, Joanna Harader, runs another blog that only puts out content during theadvent season.  This blog collects writings from many different Anabaptist and Mennonite writers for the advent season and publishes them in a single place.  If you are looking for more advent content, check out Advent 2014: Healing & Hope



Also, all the MennoNerds bloggers are writing all sorts of individual articles on Advent.  We’re collecting them in one place at MennoNerds Advent 2014

MennoNerds Is Recruiting

MennoNerds is on the lookout for new Anabaptist-minded bloggers.  We have over 50 blog streams being syndicated on our website right now and we have several affiliates also associated with us.  There are quite a few other folks out there who are writing blogs and thinking good MennoNerdy thinky-thoughts.  We’re especially looking for bloggers who are not your typical white male Anabaptist folks. Click on the link above or click on and fill out an application.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Worship Pieces for Isaiah 61 (Advent 3B)

Call to Worship In our poverty, we await the son of Mary, Who brings good news. In our brokenheartedness, we await the Incarnate One, Who heals our hearts. In our captivity, we await the Redeemer, Who proclaims freedom. In our mourning, we await the Wonderful Counselor, Who offers comfort. In the midst of this world’s […]

Why do Christians who believe in separation of church and state have political opinions?

This is a response to a question I’ve heard often in the past 2 years in the Philippines and countless times online. Rather than responding on a message board I’ll respond publicly and point people to this post in the future. Today the question was raised: “I have always wondered why “Religious Leaders” who promote the…

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Judgement in LGBT Debates

I am just concluding reading Generous Spaciousness by Wendy Gritter, Executive Director of New Direction ministries in Canada, which works on helping sexual minorities within the Church and who will be featured soon on a MennoNerds podcast. Over the next week or so leading up to that podcast, I’d like to give a few quotes that stood out to me as I read. In this section, “The Journey of Discipleship,” she employs a common statement – what if the church talked about greed the way it did about same-sex marriage – but the way she fleshes out what that was more potent than any other I’ve read: When we read accounts of gay, celibate Christians, deeply committed to …

Flower Power

I enjoy volunteering at my kid’s school. It sometimes means juggling my work schedule, but I’m lucky to have the flexibility required to make that work. The school encourages this kind of parental involvement for a variety of reasons. I like being able to see how my kid behaves out of the house, and it’s good to be able to meet her friends and teachers as well. There are tense moments. I worry that the good-natured teasing my daughter has gotten used to will somehow traumatize one of her friends (fortunately though it’s far more common that the other kids will laugh at a joke she has long since written off as no longer funny). There are tense moments, like when I don’t know how to react to another kid because they are not my kid and I’m not sure what the school’s protocol, like when a girl in the group I was watching on a field trip peed her pants. There are awkward moments too where I worry about what my kid will say. At the Halloween party each group of students needed to count the seeds in our pre-assigned pumpkins. When my daughter heard about the task, she […]

What does it mean to be Anabaptist today?

Classes are over for the semester. My online experiment with my Anabaptist class was not a great success. Although students may be communicating electronically, they have chosen not to do this with their professor. I understand why this is and do not take personally. It has shown me again that face to face interaction in […]

A Simple Love Revolution: #illridewithyou

The #illridewithyou twitter hashtag has become an anti-racism/pro-neighbour love movement in the wake of radicalism. People in Sydney, Australia are reaching out to their muslim neighbours and saying: “Hey, do u feel looked down upon or unsafe for being muslim here? Ill walk with you, ill ride with you, ill support you because were together…

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