Making New Friends

Making friends in a large new community can be a daunting task for incoming college freshmen. In almost no other setting are so many complete strangers thrown together all at once and asked to cohabitate peacefully. I was intimidated during my first semester on campus, but it turned out to be an amazing opportunity.

Revival Report from Maramba Healing Campaign, Zambia

Cristopher Alam is a Pakistani-Swedish-American evangelist who is travelling around in Africa and Asia to preach the Gospel, heal the sick and cast out demons. He prioritizes to minister to the poor, and just the other day he wrote on his Facebook page about simple lifestyle: “Wise Words from the Apostle Paul: Perverse disputings of men […]

Elusive Millennials

The American church has a love/hate relationship with people in the 18-35 year old age range. On one hand, effective outreach to this demographic is a marker of success. Having a thriving college or young adult ministry means that the Christian tradition will (hopefully) continue and be passed on to future generations. I think this is especially […]

Leaving Our Fear Behind

I was marching in formation when someone came screaming onto the field. With all the commotion, we stopped to hear what he had to say. As he ran closer we heard him screaming, “Oh my God! Someone hit the World Trade buildings!” We finished our marching band practice quickly, ran inside to the closest television and [...]

Marching Band: If You Are So Lucky

An Ode to Marching Band Kids and Parents Everywhere Daughter Michelle, 2nd from left, with Broadway High School Fighting Gobblers Band. If you are lucky … you just might live near a local high school and hear the marching band practicing on the football field during these still-long September evenings. Jaunty marching tunes float through the […]

Movie Review: Holy Ghost

There are three things that basically all Christian youths I know of here in Sweden are aware of: Hillsong music, Shane Claiborne’s books, and Darren Wilson’s F-movie trilogy: Finger of God, Furious Love and Father of Lights. These charismatic documentaries are extremely popular among the kids I hang around with, I have seen them all and […]

MennoNerds on Race Vid-cast