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Faith vs works?

Difficult issues series Last post I considered the apparent differences between the teachings and emphasis of Jesus and Paul. I concluded that the differences are sometimes exaggerated, sometimes understated, but we should avoid trying to make them say the same things, and instead try to learn from both. The issue of faith vs works is […]

SB50: Beyoncé, Bruno, and Cam

I’m a casual (American) football fan. I probably watch 2 regular season games a year, then a couple of playoffs before the Super Bowl, which is more of an excuse to hang out with friends and eat unhealthy food than to watch the game. There were a couple of interesting things…


Humility is not silence, meekness or obedience.

Humility is the surrender of power, prestige and privilege. 

Humility is the weakness of this world through which God can prevail.

Pride is not ego, self-esteem or over-estimation.

Pride is stepping on others to obtain more power so one might be better

Pride is the strength of this world, for it is the only path one can see.

I am John A. Macdonald

I am John A. Macdonald. He is known as one of the fathers of confederation in 1867, the first prime minister of Canada, and the primary political motivator behind the completion of the transcontinental railway in 1885. He is a Canadian hero. But this is not why we should identify with John A. Macdonald. I […]

Lenten Disciplines for Racial Justice

Lent is time when we refocus our minds, hearts, and souls on Christ and his loving sacrifice for us. These 40 days are meant as a time of centering and reflection as we approach the Easter season. It is an opportunity to reconcile our inward …

Black History Month 2016

For the month of February we are committed to intentionally learning black history together. With only 29 days we wont cover it all. There are going to be a ton of people, movements, events that we will inev…

25 Views on Hell? 2 Questions to Reframe the Debate

The Christian church has always agreed that there will be a final judgment of the living and the dead. This judgment leads to blessing for those who are in Christ (the righteous), along with punishment1 for those who are not in Christ (the sinners). In today’s vocabulary, the common word for that punishment is hell.

Though the church agrees on the reality of hell, it has never agreed on the nature of hell. From the earliest Christians on, at least three major views have always been present: eternal conscious torment (also called “infernalism” or “traditionalism”), annihilation (also called “conditional immortality” or “conditionalism” or “terminal punishment”), and universal reconciliation (also called “universal salvation” or “universalism”).

I’m going to argue that these three classifications, while helpful to an extent, are insufficient to adequately describe the diversity of opinion within the Christian tradition regarding the nature of hell. Furthermore, I’m going to argue that these three views exist primarily in answer to the same question, but that a different and more important question should have been asked first.

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