Don’t plant a church, plant a mission?

When I was a young christian, most churches were part of a denomination and most people knew what denomination they belonged to, even if they never actually attended. People didn’t switch denominations very often. When they moved house, they would generally find the closest church of their denomination and attend it. Most new churches began […]

Is Calvinism Really That Bad?

With all the news about Mark Driscoll lately, there has been a lot of talk about Calvinism, because Driscoll is one of the leading figures of what is called the “New Calvinism.” Before Driscoll, it seems like it was John Piper who was getting all the attention concerning this. Every day, it seems that there […]

A Cross-Centered Church

We’ve just finished a very intense and Spirit-filled festival here at the Jesus Army in the UK, and the theme for the three-day event was “A Cross-Centered Church”. One of the most charasteristic things with the Jesus Army is our red crosses. Sadly, the cross has to many become a piece of jewelry, pieces of gold and silver […]

David Marshall: “I once was Mormon, but now I’ve found Anabaptism”

The following Q&A is the first in my second installment of “I once was raised, but now I’ve found” where I interview friends and colleagues about their transitional faith journey. Today and Wednesday, I’ll be interviewing David Marshall–a husband, student, assistant-property manager, blogger, and video game enthusiast. He is the lead blogger over at Long-Live, […]

Reflections on Exodus 3

Moses has a thousand reasons to stay right there with the sheep, not the least of which is the fact that, as far as he knows, Pharaoh still wants him dead. But with or without a warrant hanging over our heads, speaking truth to power is hard. It’s not something most people do readily. It’s […]

MennoNerds on Race Vid-cast