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MennoNerds is on the lookout for new Anabaptist-minded bloggers.  We have over 50 blog streams being syndicated on our website right now and we have several affiliates also associated with us.  There are quite a few other folks out there who are writing blogs and thinking good MennoNerdy thinky-thoughts.  We’re especially looking for bloggers who are not your typical white male Anabaptist folks. Click on the link above or click Becoming an Author and fill out an application.We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Planned Parenthood, Activism & the Ethics of Deception

This post will probably make some of you mad, question my faith and say that I’m not a Christian. But I’ve never been one to shy away from controversial topics. Over the past few weeks, three undercover videos have been released by an pro-life group that show some of the darker details of abortion and Planned Parenthood. According to pro-life activists, these videos show doctors for Planned Parenthood discussing the sale of human organs. Supporters try to cast doubt on the videos by stating that those initially released are heavily edited and that due to their editing, the videos should be dismissed. Supporters also counter the argument that the videos are talking about recovering costs for the donation of human organs. Before I get too involved in the discussion of the ethical implications of deception used by both sides of the argument, I want to lay out a few ground rules. This is not a discussion of the ethics of abortion! Also, this is not a discussion on whether or not Planned Parenthood is selling human organs! What I am talking about in this article is the spin both sides put on the videos and whether or not the spin is ethical. […]

Ducky: Thoughts on The Birth of My Son (Week 1)

Baby Beadle Day #1: 7/14/15 Ladies and Gentlemen, born at 6pm today, at a whopping 3 pounds and 2 ounces, may I present to you Mr. Declan Thomas Beadle! What happened? Lauren suffered a mild seizure this morning and was fortunate to have gotten a call from a friend to wake her from her sleep. Not…

Is Bible inerrancy a key doctrine for christians?

Difficult issues series The inerrancy of the Bible has become a divisive doctrine in recent years. Many churches and colleges, in the US in particular, treat this as a “make or break” doctrine, lecturers have been sacked for denying it, and accusations are made against those who hold a different view. At the same time, […]

Ruby’s Waitressing Dream

My daughter came home from the last day of school with a package of books, crafts and papers. It was the culmination of projects, journals and art from the whole school year, as well as information about the summer and information about the next school year. It was fun to flip through the various pages seeing her progress and seeing her journalised reflections of the events in our lives over that time. But one sheet of paper jumped out at me. It was a print out of 25 photographs. At the centre was her teacher holding up a sign with the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” All around that were the images of my daughter and her 23 classmates holding up signs with their answers. There were future doctors, artists and hockey players, and in the midst of all of their lofty goals was my daughter holding up a sign that simply read “Waitress.” It stood out from the rest of the high paying, professionally certified, and socially prestigious positions so much that I wondered if it reflected poorly on my parenting. In her defence, there were a few other children whose signs could […]


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