Sweden Under Attack?

Our news media is right now filled with reports and speculations concerning what the army calls “foreign underwater activity” in the Stockholm archipelago. Foreign media like the Guardian and ABC News have also reported on the story, making comparisions with how the Swedish navy were constantly looking for Soviet submarines during the Cold War (and, from time […]

Look Into My Eyes

Most of this week was spent at a pastors “retreat” in the foothills northwest of Calgary. I put “retreat” in quotation marks because when you are on a provincial committee and the members of said committee are separated by hundreds of kilometres, opportunities to have face to face meetings are rare. Consequently, times when everyone […]

Open When You Need Some Ideas For Self-Care

The concept of “self-care” always seems over my head and too lofty of a goal to attain. So for the first four years of motherhood I was a raging hot mess. What kept my schedule overwhelmed and soul under-nourished was my ridiculous need to “sabbath well”.  If I couldn’t do all the deep, spiritual things […]

What Says Fall to You?

For the past 15 years or so, we have enjoyed a community tradition here in the Shenandoah Valley: cooking for the annual Lion’s Club Pancake Days in Broadway, Va. The tradition goes from 6 a.m. on Friday morning, serving all day through about 7 p.m. that evening, and from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. on […]

Open Letter to Attorney General Mike DeWine

The following letter was submitted by my friend, Craig McCoy, as part of a school assignment to write to a public figure regarding a current injustice. The students were instructed to modeling the letter after Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail,’ quoting from it as appropriate.

Background noise

© Duard Van Der Westhuizen | Dreamstime Stock Photos

When I work, I often play music in the background. Recently I noticed that I was gravitating toward playlists I’d made from film soundtracks. I enjoyed the music itself, but I was also expe…

Open When You Are Confused

Today, the inevitable happened.  My mixed child revealed his insecurity about his racial identity.  I knew this would happen. I really did, but it still hurt.  More than hurt, I was frustrated because I did everything right with this kid.  We talk openly about race in our home. We stress the imago dei in every […]

MennoNerds on Race Vid-cast