How can companies better connect their brands? This talk gives some amazing ideas, including asking you not to buy their products.

On the TED Blog today they point out 10 interesting stories that are highlighted in this talk. Check out the post for details and links to check out the story!

  1. Patagonia asks consumers not to buy their products.
  2. Interflora sends bouquets to customers having a bad day.
  3. Semco lets employees set own hours … and salary.
  4. Radiohead lets fans set the price for their album.
  5. Anthon Berg sells chocolates for good deeds.
  6. Netflix offers employees unlimited vacation.
  7. Microsoft supports hacking.
  8. KLM makes happiness strike again.
  9. Frog encourages employee speed-meeting.
  10. American Express turns travel into a game.

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