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Some of our MennoNerd bloggers maintain other blogs that aren’t necessarily on the Anabaptist/theological theme and so aren’t in syndication here on  However, occasionally, one of those other articles gets my attention.

Now, I’m just a nerd bird. I’m more worried, really, about the next bagel crumb that comes my way. But the stuff going on in the USA these days…wow. Unfortunately, there’s some misinformation out there about statistics, etc.  Fortunately, fellow MennoNerd, DrewHart, has done the hard math work and written up a pretty good article.  You can find the full article on his site at but here’s his opening paragraph.

There is a lot of miscomprehension of data going on as it relates to police killings of unarmed citizens in America, especially in relation to race. Time to clear some things up. I keep seeing many white people posting things like “more white people have been killed by police than black people”. In saying so, they seem to assume that they have magically dismantled the whole reason why #BlackLivesMatter exists. Of course it does no such thing. While that simple fact is true, clearly people are not taking any time to think about basic demographic proportions in the United States when making their statements. A little less repetition of conservative media quips and a lot more openness and a true desire to seek understanding can go a long way. Here is where that basic math course available in college, you know, “practical math for life” or something like that, can help us all.

As a nerd bird… I stand with Drew… and Austin… and Rod… and Ebony… and Dominique… and countless others not mentioned here.


For more from Drew, you can find his main blog at or read the full article above at

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