That’s right!  The MennoNerds community has spoken and we have a name for our nerdy bird.  And, actually, a gender, female, in honor of her namesake.

The race was an interesting one with a lot of lead changes.  Early on in the race, Paz Mennos took an early lead and held it for a while before being overtaken by Minerva who, for a while, was in a close race for second with Olivia and Rebstock.  Minerva held the lead for quite some time before, in a final push towards the end, Rebstock took the lead.  Sadly, Margharetta Sparrow, despite a showing early on, remained in last place for most of the race.

What a race!

And congratulations to Tim Nafziger for coming up with that name! Tim wins the copy of Separation and the Sword by Gerald Biesecker Mast.  Tim’s nomination came with the following explanation for his choice.

This is the last name of Barbara Rebstock, a woman who is not talked about very much today, but who was a major Anabaptist prophet in Strasbourg. She was willing to stand up to David Joris, a misogynist Anabaptist leader who tried to shame the Anabaptist men she worked with that they were weak because they let her lead.

In his biography of Joris, David Joris and Dutch Anabaptism, 1524-1543, Gary Waite quotes Joris saying, “Men, keep your [authority] above the woman, so you will not be deceived” and he refused to continue the debate. (Waite, 136)

Naming this bird after Rebstock is a way to pay tribute to the hundreds of thousands of Mennonite women who have been silenced by patriarchy since Rebstock. Rebstock will be featured in an upcoming YAR post by Sarah Thompson. It also alludes the crucial work of being ally that the men in Strasbourg modeled (at least briefly) when standing up to Joris on Rebstock’s behalf. You can read the whole account on Google Books here.

Also: I like the sound of Rebstock as a word. It’s rhythmic and has archane echoes of the word rebel in a provocative way.

Again, thank you so much for everyone’s involvement.  We had a lot of excellent entries and a lot of enthusiasm for the process.  So, say hello to Rebstock and welcome her to the MennoNerd family!

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