Author: April Yamasaki

Empowering Entrepreneurs and Creating Enduring Livelihoods as Solutions to Poverty

That title is quite a mouthful, isn’t it? And doesn’t it over-reach by suggesting that empowering entrepreneurs is a solution to poverty? Consider systemic racism in North America, conflict in Israel-Palestine, famine in South Sudan, violence in Congo, and other ills at home and around the world. The causes of poverty are so many and so far-reaching, that business solutions alone are not enough. We need multiple solutions, including the creativity and energy of entrepreneurs. Read More ›

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Mental Health on the Job

I work for Communitas Supportive Care Society, which is a nonprofit organization that supports people with developmental disabilities as well as mental health issues, acquired brain injury, children with complex care needs, a whole variety of different scenarios. I’m no longer in peer support, but this year I’m doing reception which I absolutely love, and facilitating some of our training. I’m working with a team to develop a receptionist training program that would be for individuals with lived experience of mental health as well as developmental disabilities.We have a conflict management/crisis management and communication course that I facilitate, and we’re also rolling out respectful workplace training that I facilitate and train as well. […]

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