Author: April Yamasaki

How to Prevent Burnout

“It may be legal, but the ethics stink!” I winced at my friend’s comment about a Christian organization’s poor employment practices, but I knew he was right. That’s why I read and blogged about Richard Kyte’s Ethical Business—because ethical decision-making doesn’t happen automatically even for those who claim to be Christian. In an age of “alternate facts…

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Christ Is for Us Even When We Face Deep Division, Disability, and Death

Titles have never been my strong suit. I used to write regularly for a Christian newspaper, and no matter how hard I worked on the titles for my articles, they would inevitably be changed in the editing process. Today when I write a sermon, the title often comes to me last, only after the sermon is finished.  Even as I write this article, I’m saving the title until the end. [...] Read More ›

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