Author: April Yamasaki

A Thicker Understanding of Racism in the Church

At last week’s SBLAAR meetings, I was glad to see Drew Hart, now assistant professor in theology at Messiah College who also blogs for The Christian Century. We were both on our way to meet other people, so our exchange outside the Exhibit Hall was brief–so brief that I totally forgot to tell him how much I appreciated reading his book published earlier this year. [...] Read More ›

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On Not Agreeing to Disagree: Supporting Gay Marriage and Losing Your Job

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA is a student ministry with over 1000 staff members serving over 40,000 students and faculty on over 665 college campuses across the United States. The evangelical group has been making headlines recently for its new policy of “involuntary terminations” for staff who disagree with its theology on human sexuality. Is InterVarsity really dismissing employees who support gay marriage as reported in Time magazine? What are we to make of their employment practice, and what issues does this raise for other Christian organizations? …]

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