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*this is a Facebook post that I'm placing on this blog for easy sharing; hence why it is untitled* For centuries black bodies have done the heavy labor of declaring our own humanity and forcing whiteness to release its grip on the sickness of whit...

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Age of Understanding

Its happened again. Most of us knew it would. It is summer after all. Rare is the summer in which we dont have at least one brutal execution in the street. This time the victim is Mr. Alton Sterling and left to mourn are all the people who loved him, i...

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Great Grief

A year ago this week, I was in my pjs, watching the golden girls- a ritual that ends most of my days. That summer I had been trying not to check my phone just before going to sleep...

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The Recipe

A Reflection on Black WomanhoodThis week Beyonce dropped her newest visual album called Lemonade. It is beautiful, artistic, narrative, poetic... I could go on an on with descriptors. But the reason I have fallen in love is that Beyonce gave witness to...

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