Author: Carole Boshart

Season After Pentecost, 2019 Year C : The Old Testament Passages – Being called forth, but disinclined to be

I have had this dilemma before, beloved reader. Neither of the Old Testament passages appeal to me. One from Amos, a prophet not very popular in his life time; but then when was a prophet of the Divine popular in that prophet’s life time! The other passage from Deuteronomy – a book that I am […]

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Season After Pentecost, 2019 Year C : The Gospel Passage – Knowing in Whose Name you are being sent out in

“After this the Lord appointed seventy others and sent them on ahead of him in pairs to every town and place where he himself intended to go.” (Luke 10:1) I was just thinking about this passage the other day. While I was pondering it, I did not remember that it followed the incident where the […]

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Season After Pentecost, 2019 Year C : The Epistles Passage – Knowing what you should believe in and why

“My friends, if anyone is detected in a transgression, you who have received the Spirit should restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness. Take care that you yourselves are not tempted. Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. For if those who are nothing think […]

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