Author: Deborah-Ruth Ferber

Collisions, Chaos, and Change (Book Review: Detour: A Roadmap for When Life Gets Rerouted By: Cam Taylor )

The problem with opposition is that it often hits us blindsided when we are least expecting it.  No one anticipates that word from the doctor, that marital affair, that job loss, or that financial crash, so when those storms hit, our first instinct is to lament, to curse, to be frustrated, and to blame anyone and anything we can get our hands on. […] Continue reading →

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Before You Go Bashing My Generation, Please Remember These Three Things

Over the last few years, Millennials have gotten a lot of press.  There are numerous articles written about why Millennials are the laziest, least motivated, and most narcissistic generation.  These articles suggest that Millennials are over educated, but lack the necessary job skills needed to succeed in life.  They paint Millennials as being addicted to … Continue reading →

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