Author: Don Clymer

Projection: of Logs and Specks

Projection is a psychological concept was made popular by the great Swiss psychiatrist and thinker, Carl G. Jung. The idea is that we take the negative emotions and behaviors within ourselves and “project” them onto others. For example, If I...

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My Morning Walk: Chronos or Kairos?

This morning my walk around my neighborhood was a Chronos walk. It could have been a Kairos one. Let me explain.The Greek has two words for time which are Chronos and Kairos. Chronos is time measured by the clock in seconds, minutes, hours, days ...

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Are you writing?

I may or may not be writing. But I am drinking coffee.Since I am retired, I spend a lot of time in coffee shops in order to get out of the house and be exposed to people and noise. I often run into former colleagues or students, and invariab...

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Peanut Butter

Several days ago, I posted this meme on Facebook about peanut butter. Along with the photo, I said this: “The most US American part of me -- peanut butter! How many years have I been deprived of peanut butter by living abroad? I'd estimate 7...

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DNA Ancestry Maps

I recently had a DNA test taken to discern my ancestral heritage. The results were interesting; some expected, some surprising. Recently, they added mapping, pinpointing the areas from which my DNA probably originated. This contained a few s...

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