Author: Don Clymer

Unexpected Christian hospitality

Origionally published in The Mennonite, July 2013. “We don’t have any money to give you,” the pastor said to the strange man who approached him in a busy bus station in the northern part of Mexico City. “But we can provide you with lodging at our ...

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A New Creation

A lesson on not judging someone based on outward appearances(This article originally appeared in The Mennonite April 1, 2014)“I love Americans,” Pedro announced to the small group gathered for the Wednesday evening Bible study. “I love your music, your...

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Horsch-ing Around Kraichgau, Germany

The house my Horst (Horsch) ancestors lived in 250 years agoMy mother was born a Horst, descendent of immigrant Jakob Horst who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1767 on the ship Minerva. As with so many other surnames of Swiss and German heritage,...

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Where Did My Valentine Go?

Typical village construction in the PalatinateIn September 1717, along with 362 others from the Palatinate in Germany, Valentine Clemmer arrived in Philadelphia. They came in three ships. Valentine brought his son Henrich with him along with...

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Misadventures in the Land of My Ancestors

The Village of Sankt Martin, Germany  “Where are you going?” snarled the woman at me in German. I jumped like being pursued by an angry dog. “This is private property,” she said. “You have no right to be here.”“We are tourists from the USA,” ...

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