Author: Gareth Brandt

Graduation: Now What?

We just celebrated our college graduation on Saturday. I teach a course on spiritual formation and vocational discernment. I believe that vocational discernment [finding your calling] is at the heart of young adult spiritual formation, perhaps all spiritual formation. The Reformation was a time when there was not only reformation of church and doctrine  […]

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Modern Crucifixion

The introduction to my post turned into a spontaneous poem of my own and in the process I forgot to post the poem that appeared in the guidebook as an introduction to the dramatic tableaux written by my son Adriel Brandt.  […]

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It is a good Friday today

Good Friday This was not five hundred years ago or even one hundred and fifty; it is today. It was a difficult resurrection again today from the warmth of my overnight tomb and I wondered with doubt whether going to church was an appropriate response to the death of God; but, with duty I did— although without anticipation or expectation. […]

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Passion Week 1535

This is Passion Week: from the volatility of Palm Sunday to the violence of Good Friday. I call Good Friday Armistice Day—the day that Jesus put an end to the need for animal sacrifice in worship and also the need for human sacrifice in war. The Reformation was an important time of church reform but […]

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