Author: Gareth Brandt

The times they are a changin’

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. King was instrumental in bringing about radical changes within an unjust political and social system in the USA. I believe that the 1960’s were in many ways the beginning of a new era that is still ongoing. Bob Dylan, another prophet of the day sang, “The times they […]

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Mennonite Food

I grew up on a small mixed farm on the prairies, with a large garden that provided all of our fruits and vegetables for a year as well as providing some produce for market. I definitely took it for granted back then, but no longer! Now, as an urbanite, the few skills I picked up […]

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How I became an Anabaptist

How I Became an Anabaptist I grew up a prairie boy, I grew up rural, I grew up separate, I grew up sheltered, I grew up Low German, I grew up in the church, I grew up conservative, I grew up evangelical, I grew up Mennonite. In school they called me a Nazi. They called […]

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Anabaptist Experiment

500 years ago, Charles V was crowned as emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. But it was crumbling as educated elites such as Martin Luther, middle class merchants, and even peasants were beginning to feel restless. In 1519 there were also major floods on the Dutch coast. The time was ripe for some tumultuous changes […]

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White Christmas

We did not have a white Christmas on the wet coast but I did note the references to snow, frost, and hail in 147:16-18. “Who can survive this winter?” (v.17b The Message) may have been on the minds of some on the prairies.  We actually saw the sun a few times on Christmas Day. We […]

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