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Has anyone else felt uncomfortable with all of the binary language of Psalm 37? “The righteous get rewarded and the wicked get punished; I and my people are righteous and God is on our side; my enemies are completely wicked, they torment me and I wish God would destroy them for it…” etc. This kind […]

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Easter Power

Although I listed many of the events in the Christian calendar in the Psalms reading schedule, I did not make any attempt to coordinate them with particular psalms. During this past week I had the thought that I should have tried harder to do this. What does Easter, the height of the Christian calendar, have […]

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A Creation Psalm

Psalm 8 is another orientation psalm. Note that it is deliberately ordered in a number of ways: It is bookended by the same lines: “Yahweh, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!” The whole thing is directed at Yahweh the Creator, which is actually rare in the Psalms. The contrast between […]

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I have a hard time relating to literal enemies as the psalmist in #3. I don’t think I have a relationship with people I despise so much that I wish God would destroy them but if I think of enemies metaphorically, perhaps this psalm is more identifiable for me. There are diseases that I wish God could eradicate and there are systems and power structures whose “teeth” [power to rip and devour] could gladly be broken! […]

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I was planning to post a formal introduction to the disorientation theme but it became a bit long and perhaps being more personal and less wordy are of greater value. [The introduction to disorientation is posted under the “Psalms Project” tab.] Psalm 6 seems to be coming from the perspective of one who is suffering […]

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