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Psalm 78 recalls various events in the history of the people of Israel and reminds the hearers of the lessons they can learn from these. It is interesting that the reading of this psalm over the next week or so will include the national holidays of both Canada and the USA. Most readers of the […]

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Why do the wicked prosper?

Psalm 73 explores one of the classic philosophical questions: Why do the wicked prosper? Why do good people suffer? This is injustice and it is part of the human psyche to desire fairness. What do you think of how the writer of Psalm 73 responds to the problem? Note: Although Christians sometimes read traditional views […]

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Yesterday [June 19] in 1865, slaves from Galveston, Texas, became the last to know of their newfound freedom. Union soldiers finally reached this city and read aloud Abraham Lincoln’s famous Emancipation Proclamation, which had declared two and a half years earlier that all American slaves had been freed, although for many their bondage continued. Psalm […]

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Political Prayer

The separation of church and state is official veneer in North America. And in Canada especially, faith is assumed to be a private sphere that should not interfere in the public sphere of politics. I believe that it is impossible to separate these two. Psalm 68, as with many psalms, mixes the two quite liberally. […]

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God and Circumstance

Praising God in the Psalms is often conditional on God rescuing the people from enemies or calamity. In the midst of predicament people cry out to God making vows that they will praise God if they are vindicated. If suffering continues God must be punishing them for something. God saves them and God is proclaimed […]

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