Author: Gareth Brandt

A Creation Psalm

Psalm 8 is another orientation psalm. Note that it is deliberately ordered in a number of ways: It is bookended by the same lines: “Yahweh, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!” The whole thing is directed at Yahweh the Creator, which is actually rare in the Psalms. The contrast between […]

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I have a hard time relating to literal enemies as the psalmist in #3. I don’t think I have a relationship with people I despise so much that I wish God would destroy them but if I think of enemies metaphorically, perhaps this psalm is more identifiable for me. There are diseases that I wish God could eradicate and there are systems and power structures whose “teeth” [power to rip and devour] could gladly be broken! […]

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I was planning to post a formal introduction to the disorientation theme but it became a bit long and perhaps being more personal and less wordy are of greater value. [The introduction to disorientation is posted under the “Psalms Project” tab.] Psalm 6 seems to be coming from the perspective of one who is suffering […]

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A Year in the Psalms

This year I’m doing something different with my blog. I am using it as a gathering place for reading and reflecting on the Book of Psalms as a virtual collective. If you have been a previous follower you are invited to be part of this collective experiment. If you received an invitation to participate and you accepted the invitation, welcome to my website; feel free to browse previous posts on various topics. If you happened upon the site, welcome to you also! A reading schedule for the year is available when you click the “Psalms Project” tab above.  […]

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Psalms of Orientation

Psalm 1 is a classic psalm of orientation. To a modern, skeptical, impious mind like mine, some of these psalms seem rather ridiculous if read literally rather than poetically. “Blessed are those who delight in the law of the Lord… whatever they do will prosper.” “Ya right! My Bible reading is delightful and right on schedule [It’s only January 2 after all!] but I am not prospering: I’m back at a dead end job, I have credit card bills, my kid is sick, and I’m battling depression. God, you promised!” …]

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