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I am a universalist. I make this opening statement to provoke some thought but mostly I make this statement because Psalm 117 makes it. The claim to be a universalist might be taken as both a narrow and arrogant claim and one that is too wide and open. But this shortest of all the psalms […]

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The morning’s womb

“Like the dew of the morning’s womb” [110:3] is an amazing turn of phrase even if there is a disclaimer in my footnote that says “The Hebrew for this sentence is unclear.” Here on the west coast we sometimes complain about the fog and mist in the morning but it is the lifeblood of the […]

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Prequel to Thanksgiving

My excuse for the lack of posts is that the first few weeks of classes demand all my energy and attention! So I will cheat and post my lecture notes on Psalm 107. I hope it makes reading more meaningful. This Psalm is carefully crafted and some scholars believe that the original psalm was verses […]

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Psalm 103 and 104 are creation psalms of orientation which we noted way back when we read #8. The metaphors of 103 were a pleasure to read and 104 is appropriate for spending time outdoors, marveling at the wonders of creation. I’m in an office when I write this but as the last rays of […]

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Happy for Justice

It begins with a new song [v.1] then moves to shouting [v.4] then various musical instruments join in [v.5-6] and finally bodies of water and mountains [v.7-8] join the happy chorus. This has to be one of the most positive psalms in the collection! Why all this celebration? Judgment! Perhaps this seems like an oxymoron […]

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