Author: Gareth Brandt

Steinbach, Manitoba

Our birthplaces have significance—they determine our citizenship for one!—even if we move from that spot immediately after our birth. I was born in Steinbach, Manitoba and spent my first six years of life on a farm about six miles north of there. Then after moving a few hours west with my family I traveled back […]

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Canada Day

John A. Macdonald is known as one of the fathers of confederation in 1867, the first prime minister of Canada, and the primary political motivator behind the completion of the transcontinental railway in 1885. Why not honour him on this sesquicentennial?  […]

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Top Ten Canadian Politicians

In recognition of Canada’s 150th anniversary as a political entity, I begin a series of Canadiana blogs this summer, including a few top ten lists! So let’s begin with politics: My Top Ten Canadian Politicians [Yes, there are some!] Tommy Douglas: My favourite by a southern Saskatchewan mile and voted greatest Canadian in a CBC […]

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Peace Treaty Signed in Milk Soup

On this Father’s Day I remember and honour my father. He was a simple peasant on what today might be not much more than a hobby farm yet with that piece of land he was able to feed six children and provide endless adventures—greater than any theme park! I remember that there were occasional unclarified […]

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Sgt Pepper turns 50

Fifty years ago today Sergeant Pepper told the band to play, and the Beatles did!

2017 is the year of Canada’s 150th birthday and the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s inauguration of the Reformation and, as I found out a few weeks ago, it is the 30th anniversary of the release of U2’s ‘Joshua Tree’, one of the greatest rock ’n roll albums of all time. I did go to the anniversary concert in Vancouver where they played every track uninterrupted and in order after an introductory set and a very long “encore” complete with sermon and song. Speaking of great albums, June 1 [UK] and June 2 [USA] was the release of another ground-breaking rock ‘n roll album: ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ by the Beatles. And since I am a huge Beatles fan, I include some excerpts from Roy Carr and Tony Tyler’s complete Beatles discography published in 1975. [...]


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