Author: Gareth Brandt

Easter Monday

Easter is not a day; it is a season. Easter lasts from Easter Sunday until Pentecost Sunday, which is June 9 this year. My Easter Sunday post did confess my belief in the physical resurrection of Jesus as well as some contemporary people. But a few comments from unnamed individuals in the past few weeks […]

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Resurrection is Hard Sometimes

Resurrection was easy for you: encounters in the garden, walking through walls, breaking bread, breakfast on the beach, a cruise on the clouds to go back where you came from. But what if going back where you came from was back to an alley full of dumpsters and rubble where you overdosed on fentanyl because […]

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What does it mean to be Anabaptist today?

I am not one of those people who says, “I’m not religious, I just love Jesus” or “I don’t belong to any denomination, I’m just a Christian.” Rather, I have sometimes said, “Those who are sure of their unique convictions are often more open to genuine dialogue than those who accept all beliefs as equally […]

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Jesus and the Sword

LUKE 22:35-38 “BUY SOME SWORDS” Jesus tells the disciples to buy swords, which seems to contradict everything Jesus stood for, in fact contradicts his actions just a few verses later [49-51] where, when Peter cuts off the ear of a man, Jesus heals the ear and tells Peter to put the sword away. This text […]

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Should Anabaptists Re-baptize today?

Anabaptist literally means to re-baptize. This was a nickname given to a group of radical reformers in the 16th century. A number of denominations have sprung from this movement. Adult believers baptism was seen as the primary exterior sign of separation from the Christendom Empire of that time. Times are different now. Should churches that […]

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