Author: Gareth Brandt

An Anabaptist Hermeneutic

The town clerk: “The hangman shall convince you; he shall dispute with you, arch-heretic.” Michael Sattler: “I appeal to the Scriptures.” So ends the dramatic dialogue between the town clerk and Michael Sattler at his trial as recorded in Martyr’s Mirror. Along with other reformers of the sixteenth century, the Anabaptists saw the Bible as […]

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Naked Anabaptism

[The following is an edited version of my response to Stuart Murray’s presentation in Abbotsford in the spring of 2012] I am not surprised that The Naked Anabaptist has become popular in North America. One of the reasons the book has caught on and you are here is that I think you have told us […]

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I am a settler

like many others of the teeming thousands who sought refuge on these shores we thought it was an empty land terra nullius free for the taking we were duped by the doctrine of discovery that in 1492 columbus sailed the ocean blue and discovered america at least that was what we learned in history class […]

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The Anabaptist Vision

Harold S. Bender’s now famous “Anabaptist Vision” address at the American Academy of religion in 1943 was the first modern attempt to synthesize and summarize the theological ideals of 16th century Anabaptism. Although many have criticized it as merely a product of its time, I believe it has stood the test of time as numerous […]

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Responding to Violence

The Munster debacle was a tragic and terrible event that illustrated the extremes of the Anabaptist movement. Although the Munsterites may have been on the fringes of Anabaptism—a radicalization of a radical movement—the events at Munster became very influential in shaping the theology and practice of Dutch Anabaptists for generations to come. Munster was a […]

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