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Title IX, Due Process, Standards of Proof, and… What was the question again? (Education is Power, part II)

Education is power. Here’s part two of Into Account’s blog series that interprets the Title IX confusion brewing across the country and offers information that helps us know how to support each other and other sexualized violence in the midst of it. *The original post can be found on Into Account’s blog, here. Part 1 can be found on Into Account here and was crossposted on Our Stories Untold last week. Part 3 coming soon!   There’s one question I hear again and again when I’m talking to people about Title IX and sexual violence: Why are schools involved in this at all? Sexual assault is a crime, so why not leave it solely in the hands of the police? I never know how to respond to that specific question without launching into the much broader question that is at the heart of my answer. Which is the following: Who do you believe deserves to get an education? And what do you believe that we, as a society, should be doing to make that happen? So in service to my larger question, here’s the short version of an answer to my opening one: The purpose of Title IX is to ensure equal […] The post Title IX, Due Process, Standards of Proof, and… What was the question again? (Education is Power, part II) appeared first on Our Stories Untold.

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When the Church Walks Away: Part Three

This is part three in a series of posts by Kathy Wiens, a sexual violence survivor, and her husband, Tim, who has been her strong ally. The series focuses on her experience of advocating for people vulnerable to abuse in her Mennonite church home where she struggled to resist retraumatization as the community of faith she trusted prioritized the needs of a perpetrator and his family over the wellbeing of survivors and those vulnerable to abuse in the congregation. Kathy speaks with truth, pain, and wisdom that many survivors know. Her courage to speak, even as there is mounting pressure to stay quiet and a steep emotional toll exacted for not doing so, is, as I have said previously, an inspiration. We have something to learn from Kathy’s experience, from her determination to protect the vulnerable, and from her knowledge about what it takes for a community of faith to understand sexualized violence, respect survivors, and become a space committed to resisting abuse and holding perpetrators accountable. If you missed them, you can find part one here and part two here. Thank you, Kathy. Again today, we are all indebted to you. [...]

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