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A Crisis of Faith: In support of Kay Ellen

Sexualized violence doesn’t only hurt those directly victimized. It ripples out and causes all manner of harm to the families, loved ones, colleagues, and broader communities of both victim-survivors and perpetrators. While Our Stories Untold prioritizes survivors’ voices, those who are secondarily impacted need to be heard too so that we get a full picture of the problem and understand its reach. Not a survivor herself, in this piece Annamary Kennell tells of the crisis Duane Yoder’s abusive behavior has wrought on her life. With the kind of vulnerability that is stronger than steel, she speaks from her own experience, in support of Kay Ellen’s. *Further documentation regarding credible accusations against Duane Yoder can be found on SNAP Mennonite’s MAP List. – Hilary J. Scarsella   After hearing Lauren Shifflet’s & Kay Ellen’s stories, I felt compelled to write the following article. Lauren and Kay have been victims of betrayal from their churches and church families. They trusted their ministers and church elders to protect them and help them grow spiritually. They could not have known that just the opposite would happen to them.[…] The post A Crisis of Faith: In support of Kay Ellen appeared first on Our Stories Untold.

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Get Out (2017) vs. Neoliberalism

  Get Out: A Satirical Critique of Neo-liberalism This weekend two seemingly unrelated events happened to me within the span of 24 hours. First, on Friday night I went to the 10:50 pm CST showing of the movie Get Out. For those who do not know the...

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John Brown

John Brown was an anti-slavery activist born in Connecticut and who went to war with Kansas and South Carolina over slavery. His actions started the Civil War (white supremacists argue). White supremacists also argue that white people died and freed th...

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