Author: Hilary Scarsella

72 Hours in Trump’s America

Less than 72 hours after learning that Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States, I have nothing coherent to say. What I have are fits and fragments of clarity that rise only momentarily to the surface of my grief before being swallowed again into the fog. Maybe fragmented clarity is what we need. Maybe this is an honest way forward. I can’t participate in making sense of “what went wrong.” Not yet. Some of the people close to me are coping by diving into the details and analyzing the shit out of this national mess (quite brilliantly too, I might add). For me, when the world falls apart, I need time to stand in the middle of the destruction and wail. Standing in the gap left by what was lost, bearing the weight of all that is not there, I find… what is it? Strength? Resources? Hope? No. Perhaps, truth. Hard truth, without which the repetition of ruin is inescapable.  […] The post 72 Hours in Trump’s America appeared first on Our Stories Untold.

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