Author: Joanna Harader

Call to Worship: Ascension

This call to worship is based on Ephesians 1: 15-22. We come seeking a spirit of wisdom, A spirit of revelation. We come to know God, And to enlighten the eyes of our hearts. We come to be reminded of the hope to which God has called us, And the riches...

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Psalm 150 Call to Worship

I’m trying something new for our call to worship this week. It’s kind of a do-it-ourselves call to worship. During the prelude, I will invite people to write a type of animal on a whiteboard at the front of the church. Then I will use these...

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On Being Overwhelmed

  The women go to the tomb with spices, the stone is already rolled away, and suddenly two men in dazzling clothes show up, say “Jesus is not here, but has risen,” and the women blunder off to tell the apostles “all this.”   The men regard th...

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Lenten Daily Prayers: April 15-20

Please see this previous post for an introduction to this prayer series. Suggested Spiritual Practice: Silence Read this meditation on “Dying with Christ” by Father Richard Rohr and practice silent/contemplative prayer in whatever manner you prefer. Mu...

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