Author: Joanna Harader

Actually, Guns Are the Problem

Dear Congressional Representatives who Keep Saying that the “Real Problem” is Mental Illness, Mental illness is, indeed, a real problem. Please, by all means, address the issue of mental health in our country. We need more and better mental health clinics, more and better training for teachers, police, medical personnel, and others who interact with…

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Call to Worship: One in Christ

This Sunday will be the first in our “Rooted and Grounded” series, exploring the biblical and theological bases for some of our dearly held values. We begin by exploring the biblical foundation for anti-racism work. Our call to worship is based on Genesis 1:27 and Galatians 3:28-29.  […]

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Call to Worship: Greatest Commandment

This call to worship is based on Matthew 22:34-40 with a nod to Psalm 1. Which commandment in the law is greatest? Love your God. And the second? Love your neighbor as yourself. Love with all your heart. Love with all your soul. Love with all your mind. Love with all your strength. On these…

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