Author: Joanna Harader

On Awkward Family Meals

I read this week about a family gathered around a table for a nice Thanksgiving meal. Things were going well until Uncle Larry said, “Hey, Steve, you need to pay me back that $200 I loaned you last year.” And Steve said, “I don’t have the money t...

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Prayer of Confession

This prayer is based on Isaiah 55. God, we are thirsty and you call us to your waters. But sometimes we try to slake our thirst from other sources. Forgive us when we turn away from the living water that you offer. God, we are hungry and you offer us b...

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New Year’s Prayer

God of new life, God of life made new, I begin this new year as I ended the last– embraced by your spirit of love your presence of peace your gentle power. I leave behind the old year in the knowledge that Whatever I have done in the service of selfish...

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