Author: Jon Beadle

SCOTUS & The Benedict Option

SCOTUS & The Benedict Option. We may be appreciate Rome and its body politic, with its form of government and revolutionary human rights. In many ways we are inheritors of a long Western tradition. But just before you start getting nostalgic for the return of Christendom, just remember: Rome fell to the barbarians. The structure...

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Notes and Musings After Reading ‘Desiring the Kingdom’

Desiring The Kingdom: notes and musings Overall Score: 3/5 ( Italics = my thoughts Introduction: The life of the mind is a study that is very concerned with Christian higher education – a decidedly modern approach to education.  – 17 Thesis: ” [Desiring the Kingdom is] an invitation to re-vision Christian education as a formative...

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The Scandalous Apostle Paul

Context is everything with Paul’s letters; otherwise it can easily turn into a minefield, by which one can never easily traverse the ground. The letters are difficult, direct, and historically rooted in a culture completely foreign to our own. With this in mind, I’m stunned by the level of arrogance we often argue from their...

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My Disagreement With Jordan B. Peterson

The following is a post I wrote as a reflection of my reading of The Gospel of Thomas. You can read it here. The following is my current reflection, and a criticism of Jordan B. Peterson: As I’m reading The Gospel of Thomas, I’m struck by the way in which the “good news” becomes the...

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Reading In An Age of Barbarism

Reading in an Age of Barbarism* I’m continually struck dumb by the question of the value of reading. It is as if folks have forgotten how we all became participators in an incredible, albeit flawed, experiment known as western civilization. Many will say that civilization is founded upon the myth of violence. I suppose this...

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