Author: Jon Beadle

The Tears of James Comey

Many D.C. bars opened early the morning of James Comey’s testimony before a congressional hearing. The air seemed tense, and cameras were flashing like the strobe lights in a club as former FBI director Comey took to the stand. The public had already received his prepared speech, so there was much that was already deconstructed, like red meat to the mainstream media and their 24/7 news cycle. But for some reason, much of the testimony felt like reading classified documents with whole paragraphs scratched out. [...]

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Mr. Smith Goes To Duke University (thoughts on Paul Griffith’s situation)

Disclaimer: I am responding to the information found in this article. Please read along with my thoughts, but please do not simply read my thoughts.  It is not uncommon for those of us who attend seminaries to be forced, through threat of blocks on our ability to sign up for courses, to attend (re)education courses are no credit to anything including our degree plan; all the while peddling facts that aren’t even in agreement with the most mainstream of stats (The BJS), forcing us to engage in an anti-intellectual waste of time. [...]

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