Author: Kurt Willems

The Miracles of Jesus #5 – Jesus’ Scars

UNFORTUNATELY, PART 4 OF THIS SERIES HAD A RECORDING ERROR. The miracles of Jesus demonstrate Jesus’s absolute authority and power over the devil, sickness, death, and nature, thereby confirming to all that he is indeed the Messiah and the Fully Human One. He is the human we are destined to become. Also, the signs and wonders of Jesus testify to his limitless compassion for people and his longing to see people set free from all bondage. This series focuses on the humanity of Jesus through the lens of his miracles. (Not to the neglect of his Divinity, just in case you were wondering.)

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Human Like Jesus

In Christian culture, we often—rightly—emphasize Jesus’ Divinity as God. Yet, it is also true that we under-emphasize his equally significant humanity. In this message, Kurt Willems explores how Jesus is the prototype of the life we are all invited to ...

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