Author: Kurt Willems

We #8 – Peace

Peace is at the heart of the message of Jesus. Nonviolence is Jesus' own innovation, one that has implications for following him. In this final installment of "We," Kurt Willems unpacks a basic theology and practice for living out: Peace - We choose to...

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We #7 – Context

This week we looked at our value: Context - We choose to ask rooted questions to unleash creativity. Paul found himself in a particular context that caused the Judaean people to ask questions regarding the inclusion of "the nations" (gentiles). In this...

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We #6 – Story

This week we looked at our core value: Story - We choose to live into the narrative of God. What is the church to do with God's story as told through the Scriptures? What about Tradition? How do these inform our worship and life? This sermon sought out...

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We #5 – Inclusive

Today we looked at our value, Inclusive - We choose to invite everyone to the party. The church is a divided people. Political affiliations and theological options continue to fracture our witness. To be inclusive, is to invite differing people to Jesu...

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