Author: Melodie Davis

Review of the movie, “The Post”

Because of my three-part blog entry about Katharine Graham, I’m reposting my daughter’s review of The Post from over at Third Way website. Sign up for weekly media reviews from five excellent writers who tackle new topics each week!  The Post How the press, and the Pentagon Papers changed history By Michelle Davis Sinclair Streep. [...]

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What We Leave Behind

Another Way for week of December 30, 2017 What We Leave Behind So, what do you ship family members the day or week after Christmas or New Years and all the children have gone home? Last year after Christmas, I saw my boss and his wife boxing up something [...]

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The Compassionate Jesus

Another Way for week of December 23, 2017 The Compassionate Jesus At Christmas we recall the birth of baby Jesus many many years ago. Too often we forget—and certainly pop culture forgets or doesn’t know the beauty of the man who baby Jesus grew up to ...

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City Girl, Country Girl

Another Way for week of December 1, 2017 City Girl, Country Girl I hear the roar of a bus, a fire engine, feel the crisp autumn air. I walk past a coffee shop, a pizza shop, a newly opened Middle Eastern café; I go by a bike shop, walk past my two bank. [...]

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