Author: Melodie Davis

Learning to Cook Gluten-Free

Learning to Cook Gluten-Free: Plus an Easy Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie Recipe No, not for me, but a grandson. Which means our whole extended family is embarking on a journey nobody wanted but everyone gets to participate in–which is something every family which has any of various food allergies experiences. […]

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Fly on a Wall Sunday School Class

Another Way for week of January 6, 2017 What can you learn listening to secular university students talk about their faith or inner life like it was a reality TV show of some kind? Peers talking candidly to peers, with a bunch of over-50’s listening in? That was the premise of one Sunday school class […]

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A Day in My Life at 65

Another Way for week of December 30, 2016 After a lifetime of setting the alarm at least five mornings a week, with most of the last three years getting up at the ridiculous hour of 3:15 a.m., my husband and I are enjoying not setting the alarm. Yes, I’m still gainfully employed and do indeed […]

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