Author: Melodie Davis

Top 35 Books for Young Children

Another Way for week of December 7, 2018 – And a free bookmark. Our Top 35 Books for Young Children Some of my grandsons are growing up just like I did: in a home with no TV. My grandsons do see some videos at nursery school and daycare, and thei...

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The Gift of Reading

Another Way for week of November 30, 2018 The Gift of Reading Editor’s Note: First in a two-part series on reading, and the benefits of reading to children at a young age. Next week we’ll have a bookmark giveaway listing “Top 35 Books for Y...

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Never Give Up

Another Way for November 16, 2018 Never Give Up Videos on YouTube or Facebook range from crazy and hilarious, to tear tugging. A recent viral video of a young bear cub climbing an almost vertical mountain face spells courage and persistence like no oth...

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