Author: Micael Grenholm

The Nonviolent Reformer that Sadly Didn’t Have an Easy Name Such As Luther

The following is an excerpt of my upcoming book Charismactivism, due to be published later this year by Ettelloc Publishing.  The Protestants of the 16th century were far from the first who protested against Catholic errors and heresies, but this movement was the first one to escape being totally quenched by inquisitors and grow to a … Continue reading →

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Amazing Miracle Reports from Christ for all Nations

Daniel Kolenda, President of Christ for all Nations (CfaN), has released a series of new videos featuring powerful and faith-inspiring testimonies of some of the miracles he has witnessed on his campaign meetings in Africa. This video features Nigerian woman Placita Outa, who severely damaged her spinal cord in an accident. […] Continue reading →

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