Author: Moses Falco

A Prayer for 2019

Another year has come and gone. I offer this prayer as we take on 2019, full of excitement, faith, hope, but maybe some hesitation and fear as well. May Christ be your light in 2019.

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Take the Santa Challenge

Like all good Christmas traditions, there’s something more behind Santa Claus that we should think about this Christmas. You see, Santa was actually a real person, Saint Nicholas, who taught the church much about giving and generosity. But the way he did it may surprise you.

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There’s Something About Mary

One of the reasons we continue to read the stories of the Bible is because we have much to learn about God through them. Mary, the mother of Jesus, teaches us about how God partners with us in the world to bring about His kingdom.

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Do You Even Advent?

This Sunday is the first Advent. But what is this season all about? And why should we take time to observe it? Here are four reasons why we should at least give it some thought.

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The Inadequacy of Marketing

We are influenced by marketing messages every day. And as good as it is for the economy, at the core of modern marketing is a persuasion to inadequacy for the sake of buying stuff to fill the void. This raises the question, in what or in whom do we find our value and purpose?

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