Author: Moses Falco

The Inadequacy of Marketing

We are influenced by marketing messages every day. And as good as it is for the economy, at the core of modern marketing is a persuasion to inadequacy for the sake of buying stuff to fill the void. This raises the question, in what or in whom do we find our value and purpose?

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We Are All Somewhat Blind

Not too long ago, I needed a walk home to reflect on an inspiring conference and a troubling pastor’s gathering I experienced within the span of a week. What I came away with was a conviction that unity might actually be our greatest witness in this age of polarization.

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A Prayer of Remembrance

We do well to remember, even as pacifists, when we frame our remembrance not in a way that glorifies war, but as a prayer for peace. As we confess and lament, we look to God to transform us into people of peace.

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