Author: Moses Falco

When Prophets Speak Out!

Over the past month, we have heard countless stories of government action to take children away from the parents of illegal immigrants in the US. Although the US may have the legal right, today’s prophetic voices are making sure their leaders understand that such actions are morally wrong, oppressive and evil. Wherever there is power, we also need our prophets.

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The Gospel in Seven Words

The gospel of Jesus Christ has been described in so many ways. But what if you were limited to seven words? Our church deacons did this exercise, and this is what we came up with. How would you describe the gospel in seven words?

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Returning to the Womb

Last week we celebrated the baptism of two young people in our community. As Christians have done for thousands of years, we marked these commitments of faith with the waters of baptism, symbolizing new birth in Christ. But what does it mean to be born again?

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Did I Marry the Right One?

One of the questions that Jessica and I get asked most often is how we knew, at age 21, that we were marrying the “right” person. Here are our answers about whether or not we believe we married the “one.”

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