Author: Robert Martin

Family Legacy

My family has inherited a treasure. My uncle, back in 1981, brought a video camera to our large family Christmas celebration and spent a few days recording the antics and activities of the Martin clan in all our “glory”. Recently, my wife and I sat down with our two children and viewed a DVD burned from that ancient video tape and reveled in watching video footage of a time when people weren’t old and when it was OK to wear a white T-shirt undershirt and jeans as your regular everyday wear.

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Making Trouble

During a recent trip to the Netherlands for work, I had the opportunity to stop by the Singelkerk in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, I didn't make it in time for service, but I did experience a fantastic tour by a brother named Marcel who gave me a good history of the congregation, the church building, and the presence of Mennonites (or "Baptist minded") in the Netherlands and Amsterdam. During this tour, Marcel described some Anabaptist groups in Amsterdam during the 1500s that certainly didn't fit the picture of what most think of Anabaptists today. This got me thinking about our trouble-making legacy of the Mennonites and where we are today. Continue reading

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Listening with New Ears

No, this post isn’t a reflection on the guy who lost an ear in the garden. As much as I like puns, I have a more serious purpose in this article. In this case, recently, I heard some passages that I had heard before. But, for some reason, I heard them differently this time, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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