Author: Ryan Robinson

Vlog 36: Future Hope

In the final vlog topic, Steve introduces by asking about hope for the future and whether we are progressing the world toward something better, worse, or pretty much the same. Micael provides the only response and discusses the impending collapse of Western civilization due to factors like nuclear weapon stockpiling and climate change. This is the final vlog topic. Please stay tuned as we try out a new idea soon. You can watch from YouTube embedded below or listen through our audio podcast...

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Interview: Katelin Hansen, Neuroscience (Part 1)

Katelin Hansen returns to the guest side of the table to talk about neuroscience. In this first part, she and Paul focus more generally on the relationship between science and faith. In part 2, they will dive into more specific neuroscience questions. Katelin’s blog “By Their Strange Fruit”: Paul’s sermon “Be Transformed”:...

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Interview: Wesley Rostoll, Seeing the Cross with New Eyes

Fellow MennoNerd Wesley Rostoll joins the podcast to talk about his new book, Seeing the Cross with New Eyes, with host Paul Walker. The book description is as follows: “Why did Jesus have to die on a cross? Was it to appease His Father’s wrath or was it to undo the effects of the fall in Eden? In his first book, author Wesley Rostoll tackles the tough questions surrounding the atonement, eternal life, the Book of Revelation and more; offering us fresh perspectives into the cross that will transform our understanding of the gospel message.” Watch from YouTube embedded...

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Video Podcast Feed Closing

For 99% of you seeing this post, you can freely ignore it. For the few who are subscribing to our video podcast feed, this is just for you: We have decided to shut down this feed of podcasts. If you would like to continue subscribing to our content, and I hope you do, there are still two other ways available. If your priority is to see video, you can go to and subscribe there. If your priority is easy access in a podcast app, you can still find the audio-only podcast at or in whichever podcatcher you...

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