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BGWG 11: Political Parties

Ebony and Steve return with a new episode of Black Gal, White Guy in which they discuss political parties. Sub-topics covered in this episode include: Ebony’s recommendation: Kindred by Octavia Butler (0:59) Steve’s recommendation: Faces at the Bottom of the Well by Derrick Bell (3:39) Doug Jones winning the Alabama Senate seat (9:50) Black women carrying Jones to victory (12:30) Steve is still cynical about American politics (15:57) The flaws of a two-party system (24:59) Churches promoting political partisanship is a problem, but Christians still need to be politically active (29:54) Questions or comments for Ebony and Steve? Email

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Interview: Rachel Halder, Sacred, Sexy, and Whole

Rachel Halder joins the podcast to discuss healthy sexuality in general and her book Sacred, Sexy, and Whole in particular. Some topics include: Introducing Rachel and her history studying sexuality (0:54) What purity culture means and some of its implications (6:30) The extent to which purity culture comes out of a long history vs being a new construction (10:42) Consequences of purity culture (13:45) Advice for people who are dealing with the harm of purity culture, including the value of masturbation as a way to learn about yourself (18:10) Resources to help people exploring these questions (22:01) What’s in...

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BGWG 10: Jesus and Social Justice

Ebony and Steve discuss the importance of social justice within Christianity, particularly focusing on Steve’s story. Steve’s recommendation of the week (1:37) Ebony’s recommendation of the week (3:57) Steve’s conversion experience(s) and how he came to see social justice as central to faith (9:09) Steve doesn’t recommend that everybody tries to do what he does, but every church/every Christian much actively care about the poor and other outcasts (32:19) Jesus was political (38:23) Questions for Ebony and Steve? Email Watch from our YouTube page embedded below, or listen to the audio podcast through the player below or available...

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BGWG 9: Mission

Ebony and Steve discuss the topic of mission, and how that important calling often has been tied up and confused with Eurocentric/US-centric colonialism. Topics include: Ebony’s recommendation: the Kinky Curly Theological Collective (1:20) Steve’s recommendation: The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk M.D. (4:58) Steve and Ebony’s history with missions (11:42) The connection between mission and colonialism (15:47) Examples of American syncretism into Christianity (19:20) The need for humility in cultures where you don’t know as well as they do, but they still look to you as the American expert (22:44) Questions or comments for Ebony and...

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Interview: Ben Goossen, Chosen Nation

Please help us out by filling out a survey on our podcasts. Ben Goossen joins the podcast to talk about his book Chosen Nation. From Ben’s biography: Ben Goossen is a global historian of religion and science. He is the author of Chosen Nation: Mennonites and Germany in a Global Era (Princeton University Press, 2017), which examines the relationship between Mennonites and German nationalism during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Ranging from Poland to Paraguay, Chosen Nation engages questions of warfare and pacifism, theology and political activism, gender, genocide, and anti-Semitism to explore new methods of narrating the processes of nationalization and global diaspora. Goossen’s...

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