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Human Sovereignty

I love the Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis.  In those three volumes, he allows us to explore ideas of how God might rule in other worlds, and how they might speculatively affect our broken world.  Especially the first, Out of the Silent Planet, plays with the idea of how a world might look if there was no divide between the creature and the Creator, between the physical and spiritual.  How joy and

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Envy and Class Isolationism

I guess I'm some kind of lecture junkie.  I signed up to Audible and at my cleaning job instead of listening to novels, I'm mostly listening to audio versions of The Great Courses.  My favorite one so far is the one on Worldwide Mythology, but the ones on neuroscience and philosophy also are favorites.So I'm listening to one on the philosophy of emotions, and I'm nodding my head (when I can

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The Problem With Christian Holidays

Whew.The roller coaster of the Christian calendar is over.  It's a lot of work, especially if you are in church leadership.  You get prepped for Advent, work hard through Christmas, get a month or so of planning for the next season and then it's Lent and Holy Week and the big event, Easter.  It's pretty exhausting.  If you are exhausted, please take a deep breath. You deserve it. All the

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White Jesus

There are many Jesus' that people worship.  But the one I hear about most frequently is the Jesus of most American churches, the one that is followed by the majority of White American Christians. I heard Aisha Harris call him "White Jesus" on Code Switch the other day. White Jesus loves his enemies and then kills them. White Jesus seeks to obtain and stabilize power, making excuses for

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Weather Conditions

Some are Tornadoes, sucking all things toward themselves, because of their deep inner need. They leave destruction wherever they step. Some are Hurricanes, who destroy broadly because of their rage against "evildoers". Many honor them because of their clear divisions and because they have a calm center. They ignore the massive body count. But there are also Clouds who spread little pieces

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