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9 Biblical Principles to Exorcise our Greed

I have a secret to tell you: If you are reading this blog, you are probably wealthy. I’m not saying absolutely, because I know a number of people who are homeless who might be reading this, and I also know people who are living on the edge of poverty, by their own choice, who scan blogs to read. But, probably, you have more than you need. The Bible makes a difference in

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11 Ways Jesus Fought Patriarchy

Patriarchy is the system of a society which grants a male perspective, power and principles greater pull than women’s, even though both are equally human.  In the Jewish tradition Jesus grew up in, both equality between sexes and a male-centric view was available, but his society was focused on the male.  Only men were granted places of authority, only men were allowed to interpret law (which

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Seven Kinds of Misfits in the Christmas Story

Mary, Joseph and Jesus, known by Joseph's family as the Unholy Trinity: "slut, wimp and bastard" There isn't a single Nativity story, but most of the story is found in two sections of the Bible: Luke 1-2 and Matthew 1-2.  If there is one theme that runs through this story, it is that the soon-to-be-born and newborn Messiah, king of the earth, attracted the most unsavory people. 1. An

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"NO! I don't wanna go to the doctor!  I wanna watch Dora!" "Just let me sleep in, dad.  I don't want to go to school." "Don't take away the Wifi!  I can do the stupid dishes later! Stop!" "Why shouldn't I have a car?  I'm 16 and I've passed my driver's exam.  I'm old enough." "You never understood me!" "I hate you.  I HATE YOU!" And the parent waits, patiently.  She waits expectantly.

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