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While visiting a Mennonite church, I joked, “It's nice to not be the only crazy one wearing a 'thing’ on her head.” "I think you got it wrong,” a friend came up to me later. “You mean, it's nice not to be the only sane one wearing a ‘thing’ on her...

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Calling: Courage or Stupidity?

Calling.The term has a mystical, grandiose appeal. It’s a good feeling to know I’m doing what I should be doing and that it is important. But when it actually comes down to living out my calling, I find it confusing and scary. Am I being courageous in ...

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Taking One for the Team

As a college student, I called my boss to say I could cashier at the grocery store over Christmas break: “Great! You're on the schedule to work such and such days and Sunday.” “But you’re closed on Sundays?!”“We’ve started opening Sunday afternoons. Ev...

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The Joys of Being Different

I try to post two blog posts a month for my own sanity. Writing helps me process life.I don't like breaking that pattern, but...I've been working long hours at the beginning of school year, so I'm cheating for this blog post by simply posting a list.I ...

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