Ebony and Steve return to discuss the houseless crisis in Portland, Oregon. Topics include:

  • Steve’s recommendation: Faith in the Face of Empire by Mitri Raheb (1:10)
  • Ebony’s recommendation: Rethinking Incarceration by Dominique Gilliard, a fellow MennoNerd (3:56)
  • Introducing the Portland houseless crisis (5:37)
  • Next step for Steve’s ministry and for Portland: establishing villages (12:02)
  • The idea of a village and how it helps (17:21)
  • How to keep these villages from being torn down by government officials or residents who are antagonistic to the houseless population (19:44)
  • What else can do for this cause (23:43)

If you want to connect with Steve about this work, email stevekimes@aol.com. If you have questions or comments for Ebony and Steve about the show, email bgwg@mennonerds.com.

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