Black Gal, White Guy returns for their third episode to discuss feminism. Topics include:

  • Ebony’s recommendation: Frontiers in Catholic Feminist Theology: Shoulder to Shoulder (0:48)
  • Steve’s recommendation: Accidental Courtesy streaming on PBS and Netflix (2:35)
  • What does feminism mean? Women holding all the power having an Amazonian society with no men? (5:48)
  • Haven’t we already achieved a post-sexist society where feminism is no longer necessary? (8:48)
  • Is feminism in opposition to men, or in opposition to patriarchy? Are men also hurt by patriarchy? (10:58)
  • What about Jesus? Does Jesus agree with feminism? (14:15)
  • What about Paul? Wasn’t he clearly misogynistic? (20:19)
  • If our church was going to be feminist, what would that look like? (26:52)

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