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Ebony Adedayo and Steve Kimes discuss the topics of forgiveness and reconciliation, specifically in the context of racism. The discussion includes:

  • Ebony’s recommendation: the album The Transition of Mali by Mali Music (0:56)
  • Steve’s recommendation: Scene on Radio podcast, Seeing White series (2:42)
  • Does racism against people of color in America still exist? (4:28)
  • Affirmative action, which mostly helps white women (10:10)
  • Is it lacking in the quality of forgiveness to bring up racial inequality issues such as police brutality? (17:19)
  • The parable in Matthew 18 (20:04)
  • Forcing the oppressed to forgive (25:28)
  • How do we achieve true reconciliation? (29:14)
  • The economics of forgiveness (33:08)

You can watch from the embedded YouTube video, even though the video recording didn’t work for this episode, or play the audio through the podcast feed.