Ebony and Steve discuss the recent viral #MeToo campaign and the rampant sexual assault and harassment being exposed across multiple industries. Some topics include:

  • Steve’s recommendation: the podcast Code Switch by NPR (2:06)
  • Ebony’s recommendation: Evicted by Matthew Desmond (3:55)
  • The #MeToo campaign going viral and the pervasiveness of sexual assault (8:22)
  • Defining sexual assault and sexual harassment (16:59)
  • Sexuality as a partnership, not a right (26:26)
  • Masturbation: a necessary release or a lack of self-control? (28:09)
  • Honest conversations about sex in the Church (40:21)
  • Stop demonizing women  (42:38)
  • Teach men and boys they don’t have the right to women (44:04)
  • Talk about rape myths from the pulpit, making it clear they are myths, such as the myth that most reported sexual assaults are false (46:44)
  • Hear people’s stories, women’s stories when they are ready and also men repenting (48:34)
  • Hear women’s perspectives on Scripture (50:25)

Ebony later blogged some more thoughts on the masturbation conversation here: https://ebonyjohanna.com/2017/12/14/metoo-power-consent-and-sexual-desire/

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