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Season After Pentecost (Proper 7[12]) – The Psalm Passage: Praise & Petition as the logical response to life’s journeys

As you may or may not remember, beloved reader, I mixed together two of the Old Testament passages (turns out there were three Old Testament passage/Psalms passage combination) that were featured this lectionary week. That means I need to decide between the two that connect to the two I Samuel passages. Again, I am not […]

Why do the wicked prosper?

Psalm 73 explores one of the classic philosophical questions: Why do the wicked prosper? Why do good people suffer? This is injustice and it is part of the human psyche to desire fairness. What do you think of how the writer of Psalm 73 responds to the problem? Note: Although Christians sometimes read traditional views […]

Downs With Love – A Play Review

 Human relationships are complex and fascinating, but what happens when a girl with Down Syndrome falls in love with a man who ends up being her carer’s boyfriend? In “Downs With Love” a play that toured throughout Scotland, Beth (played by lead actress Abigal Brydon) becomes friends with Tracey, her support worker.  Tracey and Beth … Continue reading

How we Keep Going When “Not Inhumane” feels like the Only Thing we Can Accomplish

Is this what we’ve come to? Defending the moral claim that families should be together and children should not be in cages? After days of denying the family separation policy and pleading helplessness to change the law, early this afternoon Donald Trump said he would suspend the Homeland Security policy of family separation at the … Continue reading How we Keep Going When “Not Inhumane” feels like the Only Thing we Can Accomplish


Yesterday [June 19] in 1865, slaves from Galveston, Texas, became the last to know of their newfound freedom. Union soldiers finally reached this city and read aloud Abraham Lincoln’s famous Emancipation Proclamation, which had declared two and a half years earlier that all American slaves had been freed, although for many their bondage continued. Psalm […]

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