The Road is Wide, The Rain is Falling

.Cold rain turned his thin, white t-shirt translucent as he bent his body, like an umbrella, over the double stroller.  The newborn baby cried and he cradled it against his chest with one hand while rooting in a diaper bag with the other.  The girl, a big sister at three or four years old, sat quietly in the stroller – her brown eyes wide, her dark hair and pierced ears glinting in the early morning light. Continue Reading The Road is Wide, The Rain is Falling

#Metoo and Public Disclosures of Sexual Violence Perpetration: What’s a Listener to Do?

This piece was originally posted on Women In Theology. Yesterday, at approximately 12:47 pm, I decided to abandon my workday, go home, turn off the internet, eat six slices of the pumpkin pie I baked the night before, cuddle up with my pups on the couch, and call it. […] Continue Reading #Metoo and Public Disclosures of Sexual Violence Perpetration: What’s a Listener to Do?

The Toxic Church Culture that Causes Sexual Harassment – #MeToo

My friend Katarina Hedman wrote this on Facebook today. I asked if I could send it on. A couple of years ago I was at a Christian conference. The speaker was a completely ordinary charismatic with a dramatic voice, a suit, some extra pounds and was – of course – a man. Continue reading → Continue Reading The Toxic Church Culture that Causes Sexual Harassment – #MeToo

Homo Reacticus

A few months ago, Macleans ran a piece that sent shivers of terror and guilt down the spines of parents of teenagers everywhere. It was called, “How the smartphone affected an entire generation of kids” and addressed the overwhelming connection between depression and mental health issues and the rise of the smartphone.  […] Continue Reading Homo Reacticus

Are Self-Driving Cars Even Ethical?

It’s time to talk about self-driving cars. Many technological innovations–Amazon Echo, an iPhone without headphone port, Sarahah–catch us by surprise. But self-driving cars have been under development since the 1980s, and shot into public view in 2009, when Google announced its hope to have a fully autonomous vehicle on the road by 2020. Continue reading Are Self-Driving Cars Even Ethical? Continue Reading Are Self-Driving Cars Even Ethical?

Thoughts from a Cis Male on “Me Too”

The women’s movement has shown they know how to use social media, and the latest indication of this is the “me too” reaction to the many sexual assaults of Harvey Weinstein.  The producer and mogul of Miramax Films has been called out for his multiple sexual assaults over decades.  More and more women declared that they were also victims of his attempted or successful assaults. Continue Reading Thoughts from a Cis Male on “Me Too”

BGWG 7: Climate Change

Ebony and Steve return for another episode of Black Gal, White Guy to discuss climate change. Topics include: Ebony’s recommendation: Faces at the Bottom of the Well by Derrick Bell (1:55) Steve’s recommendation: When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert (5:11) Global weirding, denial of climate change, and why we need to care (9:03) How climate change affects some more harshly than others (21:54) Media representation of disasters and how they vary based on who is affected (27:30) Prioritizing how to respond with so many disasters (31:37) To contact BGWG, email (not as Steve accidentally...

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