Paul and Women #5 – Females Over-Against Males – 1 Timothy 2

This series explores Paul’s vision for how women fit into the announcement that Jesus is Lord. It argues that Paul was an egalitarian, believing that women should be included (without distinction) in leadership roles within the church and home. Paul did not believe that women were “the same” as men, but that they equally offer gifts to the community as leaders, teachers, pastors, bishops, etc. This series will demonstrate why Paul was pro-women.

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This episode is sponsored by Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary. They are excited to announce the launch of the new Master of Arts in Ministry, Leadership and Culture. This online program, designed for practicing pastors and ministry entrepreneurs, will help you understand and integrate sub-cultures, theology, and leadership into practice. Guest faculty like Bruxy CaveyGreg Boyd and Brian Zahnd model practical integration of Anabaptist theology and 21st century kingdom work. Learn more at

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Encounters by the Sea #3 – Sending Pigs Back to the Sea

Much of the New Testament narrative of Jesus’ ministry takes place “by the water” – specifically by the Sea of Galilee. In the gospel of Mark especially, some of the most significant and astonishing events in Jesus’ ministry are on or by the Sea of Galilee. During Lent we confront darkness, exile, abandonment, chaos and evil. In the biblical tradition, “the sea” is where evil does its worst. We all have “seas” within us that rage against our true humanity. Jesus came to tame the sea and to unleash a better way to exist in the world. Join us as we wield hope to confront the seas within us and those that engulf our world.

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MennoNerds Live: Kurt Willems, Pauline Scholarship

Kurt Willems, a MennoNerds member, joins Katelin to discuss Pauline scholarship. Kurt does this regularly on his own podcast, the Paulcast, which is described as: “In The Paulcast, Kurt Willems looks at issues pertaining to relevant scholarship, (radical) new perspectives on Paul, Jewish and Roman contexts for understanding his letters, important Pauline scholars and books, and Paul’s ongoing relevance for regular folks today. In addition, Kurt will occasionally interview important voices from a variety of perspectives who will help us wrestle with the major questions that come out of the study of the historical Paul.” (from...

Episode 27: My Sista’s Keeper



Hey Sistas,


Join Abby Perry and me for our first episode of My Sista’s Keeper: Shalom in the City’s Monthly Conversation on Race and Unity. We talk about how each of us came to care deeply about issues of race, justice, and reconciliation, and what it is to approach these often awkward, difficult conversations with a spirit Hopeful Resistance.


The My Sista’s Keeper episodes exist to help YOU begin to bring about Shalom in your own community by modeling a conversation between a black woman and a white woman talking about race. In this first episode, we make promises to each other that will guide our discussions, ask probing questions, and press deep into some uncomfortable places to see if there’s some unity to be found (spoiler: there is).


We also may break out in hives, or at least a sweat, a few times. But it’s that good sweat, ya know? Like when you’re exercising and it’s hard and it hurts but you know that means it’s working. We hope you’ll benefit from listening to a bit of heavy lifting (and plenty of laughter, too).


Want more Shalom in your life?  Follow Shalom in the City on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @shalominthecity. Come join us on Facebook at the Shalom Sistas’ Hangout.  You can find me, Osheta Moore on Twitter @osheta, Instagram @oshetam and Pinterest. Abby is on Facebook @AbbyJoyAndersonPerry, on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest @abbyjperry and online at   



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Lenten Conversations: Dr. Martin Marty on Family Time

Another Way for week of March 10, 2017 Lenten Conversations: Martin Marty on Family Time Editor’s note: Third in a six-week Lenten series of interviews Melodie Davis conducted with influential Christians. One of the persons I felt most privileged to interview several years ago was Dr. Martin Marty, longtime editor, prolific author, and columnist at Christian […] Continue Reading Lenten Conversations: Dr. Martin Marty on Family Time

Interview: Greg Boyd, Crucifixion of the Warrior God (Part 1)

Greg Boyd joins the podcast to discuss his newest book, Crucifixion of the Warrior God. In this part 1, Greg talks about the centrality not only of Jesus in general but of Jesus on the cross in particular. This lens for understanding God and the Bible shapes how we view other texts and other theological questions, some of which will be discussed more in parts 2 and 3. The book description (taken from Amazon): Renowned pastor-theologian Gregory A. Boyd proposes a revolutionary way to read the Bible in this epic but accessible study. His “cruciform hermeneutic” stands as a...

Women in the Reformation

One of Martin Luther’s contributions to how we view church today was his rediscovery of the concept of the “priesthood of all believers”. International Women’s Day [March 8] is a good time to reflect on the application of this doctrine. How many female leaders of the Reformation do you know? Probably none. Of the Reformation […] Continue Reading Women in the Reformation

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