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Notre Dame on Fire (Saturday Art Share)

While fire overtook Notre Dame in April, people asked many questions. Did terrorists do this? Did God do this? Would the fire spread? Was this the end of an era? Did this represent the end of Christianity? How would the world change? It was a moment th...

I Feel Guilty about My Free Time

When I was bemoaning my singleness once, a wise person told me, "You made your choices." At first, I wanted to complain, "But I didn't know the consequences of those choices! I didn't know that college years are when you have the most marriage opportun...

Trinity Sunday, 2019 Year C : The Psalm Passage – Preacher and Seeker discuss our relationship to the Divine

Seeker: “O LORD, our Sovereign, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens.” Preacher: Back in the time of the psalmist not much was known about the that was above the tallest mountains. That was considered the space of the birds, and above even that was […]

Do We Have Intrinsic Worth? (podcast)

Spiritual economics. Greg considers the math of human worth.  Episode 521 Send Questions To: Dan: @thatdankent Email: askgregboyd@gmail.com Twitter: @reKnewOrg http://traffic.libsyn.com/askgregboyd/Episode_0521.mp3 Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher &#1...

There, But for the Grace of God…

Over the past few months, I’ve had a number of people, close to home and from afar, comment that they’ve appreciated my reflections and stories that emerge out of Monday mornings spent at the jail. I’ve obviously appreciated the affirmation, even as I sometimes privately wonder if I’m dancing a little too close to the […]

Pacifism in America, part five: Opposing nukes and the Vietnam War

Ted Grimsrud—June 12, 2019 Pacifists in the United States in the mid-20th century sought to influence the world toward a more peaceable future following the massive destruction of World War II. We saw in Part Four of this series how this work took the form of widespread service work. In this post, we will look … Continue reading Pacifism in America, part five: Opposing nukes and the Vietnam War

Unchosen Lessons (Bishop Perry Engle)

Bishop Perry takes an intimate look at the past 18 months of his family’s life. A dear family friend suddenly took his own life and they’ve had to hold all of the emotions and questions that come from such a tragic loss. Perry walks through lessons that he’d rather of not had to learn, but has learned in the midst of such tragedy. These are unchosen. Yet, in the midst of pain and loss, God does whatever God can to bring hope and healing—even if something outside of God’s desired plan has happened.

Did the Fall Really Happen? (podcast)

Greg speculates on the nature of the fall, then talks about evidence of God in the universe.  Episode 520 Send Questions To: Dan: @thatdankent Email: askgregboyd@gmail.com Twitter: @reKnewOrg http://traffic.libsyn.com/askgregboyd/Episode_0520.mp3 Subsc...

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