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A Good Man is Hard to Find: Flannery O’Connor

Having just returned from Savannah, I am taking life at a slower pace. One visit from the trip stands out: Flannery O’Connor’s childhood home.  I met one of my favorite authors again for the first time. Here, she is! She taught her chickens how to walk backward and became news reel famous in her youth. […]

Reviewing the Reviews: Derek Flood

In this second “Review of the Reviews” of Crucifixion of the Warrior God, I will discuss the three-part review of Derek Flood. In part 1 Derek provides a nice overview of the Introduction through chapter 2. He correctly notes that Greg’s goal in writing the book is to show how it is possible to affirm the inspiration of all of Scripture…including these violent portraits, while at the same time recognizing that they are, at face value, at odds with and opposed to the revelation of God in Christ. [...] The post Reviewing the Reviews: Derek Flood appeared first on Greg Boyd - ReKnew.

What is Middle-aged? What is Old?

Another Way for week of April 29, 2017 What is Middle-aged? What is Old? I remember going to the 40th reunion of my high school class where I attended my first three years of high school. I took a look around at the gray hair and wrinkles and tried to see in their faces my […]

The Return of the Religious In ‘The Young Pope’

“I don’t believe in God, but I miss Him.” When Julian Barnes, the man booker prize-winning British novelist, penned the above quote, he echoed something within much of the heartbeat of modern secular society. It seems in all of our “liberation” of the absurdity in religion, we still yearn for the divine order to be true. [...]

Part 3: Katharine Graham and the Pentagon Papers, Watergate, and the Pressmen’s Strike

Part 3: Katharine Graham and the Pentagon Papers, Watergate, and the Pressmen’s Strike Note: (Part 3 in a 3-part series on Katharine’s Graham’s memoir, Personal History. Find Part 1 here and 2 here. Page numbers refer to the Vintage Books paperback edition of 1998, not the original hardcover from Knopf.) President Kennedy’s tragic assassination occurs about halfway through […]

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