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It’s Friday, but . . .

“It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming.” This phrase has been circulating widely on social media during Good Friday both in script and as a meme. I don’t know the origin of this saying, but Tony Campolo uses it as his signature message.

The Cross in the Roman Empire

I want to suggest a new spiritual practice—one that will be uncomfortable for many people. I want to implore the Church to reframe its understanding of the cross. While the cross (and resurrection) makes reconciliation possible for us, our understanding of the cross must begin with it as a sociopolitical tool of the Roman Empire. […]

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On a Friday Afternoon

Some were there when Jesus, bloody and bruised, climbed the hill to the Place of the Skull. The women, wailing along with the infants in their arms; Simon of Cyrene, forced to carry the cross beam that Jesus could no longer bear; the chief priests and scribes and elders re-writing the narrative in their heads, […]

Stay, Watch and Pray

On Thursday of Holy Week, according to tradition, Jesus took his disciples late at night to Gethsemane to pray. He was preparing himself for what lay ahead; his pending trial, crucifixion and death.

Set the Table

Why do we eat soup during Lent? The question caught me a bit off guard as I was scrambling to get a few things together for a soup and bread Lenten lunch that our church was hosting last week. I raided around in my travel-fatigued brain for a few answers to satisfy my interrogator’s honest […]

I am present

Passion Week moves through all kinds of emotion: from the celebration parade of Palm Sunday to the sorrow of violent death on Good Friday to the surprise of resurrection on Easter Sunday. Life too is a mixed bag. There are psalms of lament and there are psalms of praise. There are days we mourn death, […]

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