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The Future (Mennonite) Church

I’ve been told to come to the Mennonite Church USA Future Church Summit with a smile, ready to make new friends. And I will. I basically smile all the time anyway;that’s just how my face looks. Honestly, I have to try hard to not smile at inappropriate times like funerals or public scoldings. Also, I…

Mental Health on the Job

I work for Communitas Supportive Care Society, which is a nonprofit organization that supports people with developmental disabilities as well as mental health issues, acquired brain injury, children with complex care needs, a whole variety of different scenarios. I’m no longer in peer support, but this year I’m doing reception which I absolutely love, and facilitating some of our training. I’m working with a team to develop a receptionist training program that would be for individuals with lived experience of mental health as well as developmental disabilities.We have a conflict management/crisis management and communication course that I facilitate, and we’re also rolling out respectful workplace training that I facilitate and train as well. […]

Responding to a Sermon

"I went to church the other day and heard a sermon. It was like many sermons I’ve heard in the past, giving a very moral point of view. The point was: “Love your neighbor but hate your enemy.” Well, that’s one point of view. That’s one morality. Here’s another: Love everyone, even those who hate you."

The Purpose of Memories: The Question I Am Carrying from May

The month of May zipped by so fast. It was a full month. It was a busy month. Let’s start with this man and his talk at the Family History Conference: New Arrivals in a New Land, in Lancaster, PA, on May 20. John L. Ruth, historian and storyteller, told how three ships came sailing came sailing into Philadelphia harbor in 1717, three hundred years ago.[…]

When are they going to start teaching ministers how to communicate?

Christianity is all about helping people change their minds and behaviour, right? We want to see people choosing to follow Jesus, then growing in their understanding of what that means and how they can follow him better. Don’t we? So why are we still using approaches that have been shown to be very ineffective?  […] Continue reading When are they going to start teaching ministers how to communicate?

We’re Neurotic: Nonviolent Reflections on Memorial Day – Year 2

The solutions are very straightforward. For a fraction of the expense that the U.S. taxpayer put into destroying Laos, you could clear the unexploded ordnance. So the first step would be to do what we claim the Japanese can’t do: take responsibility. Maybe that would be a start. […] Continue reading "We’re Neurotic: Nonviolent Reflections on Memorial Day – Year 2"

More on Mental Illness: Preventing Suicide

Two weeks ago I published Healthy Ministry and the Pastor with Mental Illness, which included an excerpt from Delight in Disorder and an interview with author Tony Roberts on his experience as a pastor living with bipolar disorder. In the next few weeks, I plan to share two more interviews on mental health in the workplace, and today…

Early Anabaptists and the Centrality of Christ

In a previous post, I wrote about the Christocentric interpretation of the Scriptures espoused by the magisterial Reformers, specifically Luther and Calvin. Their hermeneutic was focused on the work and the offices of Christ, but in my opinion the Anabaptists surpasses their approach because it focused on the person of ... The post Early Anabaptists and the Centrality of Christ appeared first on Greg Boyd - ReKnew.

“Acts 2 is the Solution”

Originally published at Erika Akimana from Kigali, Rwanda, has been living in the New Humanity Mission Community since 1997, founded just a few years after the genocide. I interviewed her on what made her make such a commitment, and what a central African Christian community is like. What is your community like? We are … Continue reading →

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