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Does archaeology show the Bible is true? Seven facts

I’m sure you will have read, and heard it said, that archaeology confirms the accuracy of the Bible. But you may also have heard from sceptics that the Bible isn’t historically accurate. So which is true? This is a complex matter with a wide variety of conclusions among the experts. I have tried to investigate … Continue reading Does archaeology show the Bible is true? Seven facts

Multiplicity and Healthy Ministry

Before I entered pastoral ministry, I was a political science major, an office worker, a grad student in theology, a lay church leader and worship committee member, a published writer, a journal keeper, a poet, a proof reader for an engineering firm, a college instructor, the wife of a law student turned professor, a daughter,…

Women in the Reformation

One of Martin Luther’s contributions to how we view church today was his rediscovery of the concept of the “priesthood of all believers”. International Women’s Day [March 8] is a good time to reflect on the application of this doctrine. How many female leaders of the Reformation do you know? Probably none. Of the Reformation […]

Do conservative churches grow more than liberal ones?

For years, more progressive or liberal christians have been saying the churches need to change to meet the challenges of modern (or postmodern) society. More conservative christians have argued that we should remain faithful to traditional understandings and practices. Both sides can tend to welcome studies and surveys that show their approach is working better. … Continue reading Do conservative churches grow more than liberal ones?

Not to Comfortability but to Faithfulness

God does not always call us to comfortability but to faithfulness. In the times where those two are in tension, choose faithfulness over comfortability. I remember speaking those words recently. Truth be told, I’ve said those words a lot recently. Those are dangerous words, and a dangerous belief. It is what can cause a family to [...] The post Not to Comfortability but to Faithfulness appeared first on Justin Hiebert.

Little By Little

Day by day, little by little, step by step, and moment by moment we are chasing, pursuing, and becoming something. The reality of our story is that we are shaped by how we spend our time. The matters of life that get our most energy have a profound ...

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