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How to Create a Thriving Ministry Culture

Sarita Hartz has over 10 years of experience on the mission field and in the nonprofit sector. She founded her own nonprofit, got totally burned out, fell apart, spent three years working on her own healing and recovery, and now works at sharing what she’s learned to support other international workers and nonprofit organizations.

Boundary Training that Moves Beyond Sexual-Misconduct Problems

In the context of Christian ministry, boundary training is often presented as training to prevent sexual misconduct. In my denomination for example, all new pastors take a Relationships with Integrity seminar, with a refresher course every six years. Given the seriousness of professional sexual misconduct and abuse, such training is essential. At the same time,…

7 Ways to Keep Sabbath When You Work on Sunday

Working for the church or other Christian organization often means working on Sundays. That might be most obvious for pastors responsible for Sunday morning worship, but that’s also the case for many others as well. Think of denominational staff and those involved in parachurch ministries who travel to speak at different churches on Sunday mornings.…

Humanizing Human Resources: Re-Imagining HR

“Anybody can put together a policy manual,” says Director of Staff Services Lee Scott. “What’s more important is knowing who your staff are, what they love, and what they need.” Lee Scott had no experience in human resources prior to being hired by the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO). [...]

When are they going to start teaching ministers how to communicate?

Christianity is all about helping people change their minds and behaviour, right? We want to see people choosing to follow Jesus, then growing in their understanding of what that means and how they can follow him better. Don’t we? So why are we still using approaches that have been shown to be very ineffective?  […] Continue reading When are they going to start teaching ministers how to communicate?

Healthy Ministry and the Pastor with Mental Illness

When Tony Roberts first published Delight in Disorder: Ministry, Madness, Mission, I was immediately intrigued by the title and subtitle. In the context of church life, I understood ministry and mission. I even understood mental health and mental illness–but madness? Sandwiched between ministry and mission, the frank term made me want to learn more. I eagerly read…

How to Start a Small Group

Get motivated and get the word out. Instead of giving up something for Lent this year, I decided to start a small group that would use Christ Is for Us. After working on the book last year, I was eager to share the published version, so I committed to prayer, put out the word, invited anyone interested to join me, and together we decided on a mutually agreeable time. We are women and men; single and married; with young children, school-aged children or no children; taking part with our spouse or on our own. We’ve rescheduled the laundry, arranged for child care, gotten out of the house and over to the church earlier than usual–all in the interest of getting together to deepen our faith and strengthen community together. [...] Read More ›

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