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Ministry and Mary Oliver’s Poetry

In honour of this week’s Poetry at Work Day (the second Tuesday of January), I’m sharing an article that features some of the poetry of Mary Oliver and how it speaks to the life of ministry. This article was first published in Faith & Leadership with the tagline “how the poetry of Mary Oliver broadens the imagination. [...]

Leaders Need a Deep and Abiding Sense of God’s Call

Leaders have to know who they are. . . . When everything else crumbles and when you are in situations of disillusionment, when plans haven’t worked out, when colleagues have disappointed you, there’ll come those times when you say, “Why am I doing this?” At that point, what is needed is a deep and abiding sense of God’s call. […]

When You Feel Like Running, Then Run to Jesus

In Resilient Ministry: What Pastors Told Us About Surviving and Thriving, authors Bob Burns, Tasha D. Chapman, and Donald C. Guthrie ask: What does it take for pastors not only to survive but to thrive in fruitful ministry over the long haul? Their study examined 5 areas: Spiritual Formation; Self-Care; Emotional and Cultural Intelligence; Marriage and Family;…

Holier Than Thou? A Theology of Church Work vs. Other Work

Many Christians have the impression that church workers — especially evangelists, missionaries, pastors, priests, ministers and the like — have a higher calling than other workers. While there is little in the Bible to support this impression, by the Middle Ages, “religious” life — as a monk or nun — was widely considered holier than ordinary life. …

How to Create a Thriving Ministry Culture

Sarita Hartz has over 10 years of experience on the mission field and in the nonprofit sector. She founded her own nonprofit, got totally burned out, fell apart, spent three years working on her own healing and recovery, and now works at sharing what she’s learned to support other international workers and nonprofit organizations.

Boundary Training that Moves Beyond Sexual-Misconduct Problems

In the context of Christian ministry, boundary training is often presented as training to prevent sexual misconduct. In my denomination for example, all new pastors take a Relationships with Integrity seminar, with a refresher course every six years. Given the seriousness of professional sexual misconduct and abuse, such training is essential. At the same time,…

7 Ways to Keep Sabbath When You Work on Sunday

Working for the church or other Christian organization often means working on Sundays. That might be most obvious for pastors responsible for Sunday morning worship, but that’s also the case for many others as well. Think of denominational staff and those involved in parachurch ministries who travel to speak at different churches on Sunday mornings.…

Humanizing Human Resources: Re-Imagining HR

“Anybody can put together a policy manual,” says Director of Staff Services Lee Scott. “What’s more important is knowing who your staff are, what they love, and what they need.” Lee Scott had no experience in human resources prior to being hired by the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO). [...]

When are they going to start teaching ministers how to communicate?

Christianity is all about helping people change their minds and behaviour, right? We want to see people choosing to follow Jesus, then growing in their understanding of what that means and how they can follow him better. Don’t we? So why are we still using approaches that have been shown to be very ineffective?  […] Continue reading When are they going to start teaching ministers how to communicate?

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