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Small miracles

Good films, like all good stories, tell us something about ourselves and the world around us, and the best stories challenge and inspire us. You might think Christian films would be at the top of my list in this regard, but generally they’re not. From their low production quality to poor storytelling and character development, these films leave me more frustrated than inspired. Over the

Entertaining Easter or Easy Evangelism? Movie Review On: Risen (March 2016)

  Note: This review contains some spoiler alerts. Today, four of my friends from the International Fellowship at Charlotte Chapel (in Edinburgh) and I went to see the recently released movie Risen at the local cinema.  Although there is always something strangely disconcerting to me about the idea of eating popcorn and sipping soda while watching … Continue reading

Nuanced Sides of Captain America: Civil War

Ever since I first heard about Captain America: Civil War, I’ve been solidly on Team Cap’s anti-registration side. For those who aren’t nerds, here’s the basic plot: after the events of previous movies where all these superpowered humans wreak havoc on the world, governments of the world (mostly the U.S.) want to register those with superpowers so they can provide some oversight to their activities. Iron Man is pro-registration, which makes sense given that the last Avengers movie villain was literally his creation and he feels guilty about it. Captain America leads the anti-registration side, which culminates the direction of his character throughout The Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron but in this case will be sparked by defending his friend Bucky. The majority of the characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (except Thor and Hulk who get a movie later) line up on one side or the other.

I had a lightbulb moment watching this video from The Mary Sue, though, that made it harder for me to think Cap is clearly in the right:

Even more accurately, one of the comments helped even more in giving perspective to Iron Man’s side (The Mary Sue is a rare site where I do recommend reading the comments):

The concept the Patriot Act and BLM [Black Lives Matter] are on the same side is interesting.

The temptation of vengeance in movies

Writer and director Scott Derrickson recently posted on Twitter: “I believe that in future history the revenge ethic will be seen as the great cinematic signature of American mental [and] spiritual sickness.” The revenge theme is popular in American films, from classics like True Grit, Pale Rider and Death Wish to Unforgiven, Kill Bill and, most recently, The Revenant. In Saint Paul

Historical drama that speaks today

[This review may contain spoilers] The Oscar-nominated Bridge of Spies is an inspiring story and a great piece of filmmaking. Critics praise the collaboration between Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, calling the film gripping, satisfying, and even eloquent. It is a timely story that invites us to examine our own roles in our current culture, where fears of terrorism too often drive opinion

Rocky relationships

Copyright Warner Bros. I grew up watching the Rocky films, so after Sylvester Stallone received a Golden Globe for his performance in Creed, I thought it about time to see that one, too. Since it had been decades since I’d seen the first film, I decided to watch Rocky first. Rocky, which won Best Picture, was written by Stallone, who also was nominated for his portrayal of the

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