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Oh, Canada

The last few days have been full of expressions of patriotism and anti-patriotism. Canada’s 150th birthday was on Saturday. Today, obviously, is the big day for our American neighbours. The internet is, predictably, aflame with either nationalistic chest-thumping or withering criticisms thereof. […]

Canada Day

John A. Macdonald is known as one of the fathers of confederation in 1867, the first prime minister of Canada, and the primary political motivator behind the completion of the transcontinental railway in 1885. Why not honour him on this sesquicentennial?  […]

Independence Day in Church

This Sunday in churches all over the United States, many will hear songs of patriotism and much speech about "our nation." Much of the speech will be positive, some will be critical, but almost all will talk about the crisis of "our nation." The issue I have is that Jesus called all of us Christians out of the nations of this world. He died on a cross displaying the folly of empire and

Top Ten Canadian Politicians

In recognition of Canada’s 150th anniversary as a political entity, I begin a series of Canadiana blogs this summer, including a few top ten lists! So let’s begin with politics: My Top Ten Canadian Politicians [Yes, there are some!] Tommy Douglas: My favourite by a southern Saskatchewan mile and voted greatest Canadian in a CBC […]

The Tears of James Comey

Many D.C. bars opened early the morning of James Comey’s testimony before a congressional hearing. The air seemed tense, and cameras were flashing like the strobe lights in a club as former FBI director Comey took to the stand. The public had already received his prepared speech, so there was much that was already deconstructed, like red meat to the mainstream media and their 24/7 news cycle. But for some reason, much of the testimony felt like reading classified documents with whole paragraphs scratched out. [...]

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