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Top Ten Canadian Politicians

In recognition of Canada’s 150th anniversary as a political entity, I begin a series of Canadiana blogs this summer, including a few top ten lists! So let’s begin with politics: My Top Ten Canadian Politicians [Yes, there are some!] Tommy Douglas: My favourite by a southern Saskatchewan mile and voted greatest Canadian in a CBC […]

The Tears of James Comey

Many D.C. bars opened early the morning of James Comey’s testimony before a congressional hearing. The air seemed tense, and cameras were flashing like the strobe lights in a club as former FBI director Comey took to the stand. The public had already received his prepared speech, so there was much that was already deconstructed, like red meat to the mainstream media and their 24/7 news cycle. But for some reason, much of the testimony felt like reading classified documents with whole paragraphs scratched out. [...]

Bugs, politics and the church

If you are looking for something to binge watch on Amazon Prime, consider the one-season CBS comedy-thriller BrainDead, a political satire set in a present-day Washington, D.C. that’s been invaded by extraterrestrial insects which both feed on the brains of and take control of people, including congress members and staffers.  

Impeach Trump? Not So Fast….

I know that I am not alone in believing Donald Trump as president is a disaster. He’s a disaster beyond what anyone I know could have imagined as a realistic possibility up until about a year ago. I also know that I am not alone in deriving quite a bit of pleasure from seeing Trump go from one self-imposed crisis to another. It makes perfect sense that a growing number of people would be talking about impeachment. […] Continue reading →

Our First 100 Days

There was a blizzard of headlines last week about Donald Trump’s First 100 Days in office. As an ethicist and a pastor, I’m less interested in Trump’s attitudes and actions (which the media is analyzing nonstop, from all angles, as rapidly as they can). I’m more interested in the question: What Did you Do with … Continue reading Our First 100 Days

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