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Sacred Duplicity

I offered this poem I wrote to our church as a lament during our Race Relations Sunday service. And here I offer it again, understanding the role of lament and an honest examination of our current reality – and our history – to move us forw...

The Power of the Dark

Zeta (pseudonym) is a survivor of sexual abuse and rape both as a child and as an adult. She will be writing every now and then for Our Stories Untold, with a special focus on speaking to other survivors about everyday dynamics of struggle and peace that come with being a person who is living a life touched by sexualized violence trauma. Please join us in welcoming her as an intermittent and regular contributor.   On this solstice day, I feel like I will never be free of the repetitious shit trauma that ebbs and flows through my body, wrecking whatever it touches with no regard for how hard or long I’ve worked to knit myself a cloak of calm. Today, after years of counseling and self-care and mindfulness and all the book knowledge that exists in the world on rape and trauma and shame and self-blame, I am sure once again that I am the exception. I wasn’t raped. It was my fault. I made him do it and then tricked myself into believing that I was a victim, because I couldn’t handle the truth of my own depravity. [...]

Jesus and the “Eye for an Eye” Command: A Response to Paul Copan (#10)

  As I noted in my 9th response to Paul Copan’s critique of Crucifixion of the Warrior God (CWG), Copan argues that Jesus merely repudiated wrong applications of OT laws in his sermon on the mount, not any OT law itself. He thus thinks I’m mistaken when I argue that Jesus placed his own authority above that of the OT and when I argue that the revelation of God in the crucified Christ radically transforms the meaning that we should find in much of the OT. [...] The post Jesus and the “Eye for an Eye” Command: A Response to Paul Copan (#10) appeared first on Greg Boyd - ReKnew.

White Jesus

There are many Jesus' that people worship.  But the one I hear about most frequently is the Jesus of most American churches, the one that is followed by the majority of White American Christians. I heard Aisha Harris call him "White Jesus" on Code Switch the other day. White Jesus loves his enemies and then kills them. White Jesus seeks to obtain and stabilize power, making excuses for

Wisdom Raises Her Voice

If you’re not a socialist at twenty, you have no heart, and if you’re not a conservative at forty, you have no brain.  As far as quotes go, this well-known offering of unknown provenance could probably raise the ire of people across the political spectrum, particularly on the left. No one enjoys being implicitly told that they do (or don’t) have a brain or a heart. Those are fighting words, right there. Which is of course why the quote is repeated and why it’s memorable.  […]

#MeToo: Power, Consent and Sexual Desire

I’ve been struggling to find the words to respond to a discussion that I had with my cohost on Episode 8 of our Podcast “Black Gal White Guy” about the #MeToo Campaign. In that conversation, we spoke at length about the problem with sexual harassment and assault, which affects women significantly more than men. [...]

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