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A Positive Reading of the Old Testament

[This post is adapted from a sermon preached at Shalom Mennonite Congregation, the fourth in a series on salvation and human flourishing. Here’s a link to the third in the series, “Positive Theology”] Ted Grimsrud—July 9, 2017 [Gen 12:1-3; Lev 19:2-18; Hos 11:1-9] I have this little joke. On the Sundays I preach I make sure to … Continue reading A Positive Reading of the Old Testament

Jesus Lives!

Last Friday at a public transportation stop a couple miles from my house, two teenage women with hijabs were standing. A rough man came up to them, yelling at them, telling that Muslims don't belong in this country.  The train rolled up, and the quickly got on, but he followed him, continuing his insulting tirade.

Impeach Trump? Not So Fast….

I know that I am not alone in believing Donald Trump as president is a disaster. He’s a disaster beyond what anyone I know could have imagined as a realistic possibility up until about a year ago. I also know that I am not alone in deriving quite a bit of pleasure from seeing Trump go from one self-imposed crisis to another. It makes perfect sense that a growing number of people would be talking about impeachment. […] Continue reading →

Recovering Reconciliation as the Mission of God

This picture is from a public twitter account and includes reconciliation leaders reconciliation leader Chris Rice, Heidi Weaver-Smith and Emmanuel Katongole. Link: Dr. Chris… The post Recovering Reconciliation as the Mission of God appeared first on Christian Peacebuilding.

Prayer for Syria

Holy One, Today, our hearts break for the people of Syria, and we fear for the state of our world. Assad tortures and kills his own people, desperately grasping at power with weapons, threats, force. Some Syrians join extremist groups, hoping guns and bombs will lead them to freedom and peace. […]

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