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Interview: April Yamasaki, Ministry After Pastoral Ministry

MennoNerd April Yamaski joins the podcast to talk with host Steve Kimes about her life in pastoral care and continuing ministry in other ways after leaving pastoral ministry. Some topics include:

The most satisfying part of being a pastor (1:10)
Any regrets about leaving pastoral ministry (4:40)
Recommendations on how to leave a church well (7:15):
What April is focussing on now (10:50)
How April disciplines herself in writing (13:19)
April’s latest book, Four Gifts, and the importance of self-care (19:30)
A sacred pause and why that is important in self-care (23:25)
Positive and negative uses of the Internet and social media (27:30)
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Interview: Carol Penner, Feminist Theology and More

Carol Penner joins the podcast to discuss a few topics with Katelin, including feminist theology, abuse, pastoral theology, and writing worship resources. From Carol’s bio:
Carol Penner teaches and writes in the area of practical theology.  After many years as a pastor in various Mennonite congregations, she is joining the faculty of CGUC [Conrad Grebel University College] this year. Her research interests include feminist theology and Mennonite peace theology, and abuse issues. She has a popular blog of her worship resources at
Some of the topics covered include:

Carol’s background in both pastoring and academia. (1:23)
How Carol’s pastoral experience is used in academia and what the average person is thinking about as theological questions. A major one is money. (5:38)
Violence on a personal level, especially violence against women, not only seeing violence as “what would you do if called to war?” (14:21)
How our theology and our Scripture contribute to questions of abuse. (17:41)
Things Carol found helpful in feminist theology. (21:33)
Pastoral abuse and how Mennonite churches don’t do a good enough job talking about it. (32:34)
Why Mennonite churches talked more about abuse in the 90s but then stopped. (39:59)
Why Carol writes worship resources online. (44:15)

Leading in Worship blog by Carol Penner
Carol’s academic bio from University of Waterloo
MennoNerds Interview: Into Account (YouTube)
Mennonite Central Committee Canada – Abuse Prevention
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Interview: Katelin Hansen, Church for All People (Part 2)

Katelin Hansen becomes a guest for this podcast, hosted by our other regular host Paul Walker. In this part 2, they talk about radical hospitality for all people (all meaning all), the importance of diverse music in worship, the By Their Strange Fruit blog, and the interaction of neuroscience and faith.
Church for All People
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MennoNerds Live: Into Account

Katelin Hansen interviews Jennifer (Jay) Yoder and Stephanie Krehbiel about their work with Into Account, which supports abuse survivors seeking justice, accountability, and recovery within church settings. Visit for more information about their work.


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