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Vlog 36: Future Hope

In the final vlog topic, Steve introduces by asking about hope for the future and whether we are progressing the world toward something better, worse, or pretty much the same. Micael provides the only response and discusses the impending collapse of Western civilization due to factors like nuclear weapon stockpiling and climate change.
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Vlog 10: Eschatology

The MennoNerds vlog transitions from waiting for Advent into discussions about eschatology, with a particular focus on the nature of Heaven and Hell.
Robert Martin
Micael Grenholm
Deborah-Ruth Ferber
Paul Walker
Ebony Adedayo
William Loewen
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Vlog: Steve on Eternal Justice

Steve continues the vlog’s discussion of eschatology. By using the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, Steve offers a different perspective on Heaven and Hell: for those without privilege in this life, there is power and hope in the promise of justice in the next.

Vlog – Robert: Why the Hell Not?

Over on the vlog, Robert continues the conversation about Hell by questioning whether we should be continuing the conversation about Hell or whether it has served its purpose in previous eras and now needs to be set aside.

Vlog – Will is Hella Excited

Will is hella excited to talk about Hell (does anybody still say hella?) and then notes an interesting trend in how we often talk about Hell: as similes to emphasize different ideas, even when they aren’t very theologically accurate. He suggests this could be a starting point for asking people what they think Hell is.

Paul – What the Hell is Hell Anyway?

On the vlog,Paul moves the conversation into a different area of eschatology: the nature of Hell. Paul takes a very quick look at the three main approaches to understanding the concept of Hell: eternal conscious torment, annihilationalism, and universal reconciliation.


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